Friday, October 17, 2014

Literary Friday ~ firefly lane

Firefly Lane (Firefly Lane, #1)

firefly lane A Novel written by Kristin Hannah, s begins in 1974 and it is a book about friendship Kate Mularkey and Tully Hart.  Kate was the uncool girl smart girl and her best friend who moves in across the street Tully who she thought was the coolest girl in the world because she seemed to have it all, beauty, brains and desire.  The two girls on the outside are polar opposites of one another however the two are very much alike, they just handle themselves differently.  Tully throughout the book desperately tried to prove she had value in the world and find a family to have.  Kate on the other hand fought desperately to try to prove the same thing and not live in the shadow of her best friend Tully or any other popular girl.

The novel follows the lives and friendship of the two girls through three decades.  I enjoyed reading about events and clothing styles that I grew up with.  The music the girls listened to brought back wonderful memories to me of my past.  The novel lets the reader see the challenges both girls go through and how they grow as individuals as well.

The novel reminds me a lot of Beaches.  I loved that movie and maybe because I loved it so much, I felt this novel fell short a little.  It was very predictable and yet very emotional.  I cried at the end.  I am not saying I disliked this novel it is a beautiful story between friends and how much impact the two have on one another.



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy List ~ Miranda, New Job, Family

Oh, I have the greatest HAPPY ever no EVER possible last week but I will save that for last.  Last week was a sour week with Noah and all.  He is home again.  The doctors changed their mind within a matter of two hours asking me to come discharge him because he was having "way too much fun...others need help."  He barely smiled or talked until Taj came over on Sunday.  Sunday was such a good day.  Todd, Noah, Taj and I went to the pumpkin patch and spent nearly three hours there.  Watch for my post about it later this week.  It was loads of fun and we will definitely be doing it next year.
I am loving my new employer!  Last week was Spirit Week and I participated three of the five days. 
Day One:  Black MediRevv T-shirts.  It was our Red Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.
Photo: Somehow we were able to surprise CEO Chris Klitgaard with a Flash Mob during the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of our second facility! Our MediRevvers have got some serious talent! Today's blog has a link to the entire ceremony with the "Don't Stop Believing" flash mob towards the end! #MediRevvGrowth
Not me: but I did participate at the end with the Flash Mob dance.
Our VP was surprised and cried.
Day Two:  Time Travel Tuesday.  I did not participate this day.  This was the day I had only three hours of sleep from being at the ER with Noah ALL night, 4:46 pm to 1:36 am.
Day Three: Wacky Wednesday.  
I am in this one, but you will not be able to see me. 
I am the fourth from the left with my hair standing straight up.
I put a bottle of aspirins on the crown of my head,
then I pulled my hair up and secured it with a rubber band
covering the bottle. I was told my hair looked like a person from Whoville.
Day Four:  Thor Thursday.  I did not participate because I did not have a Super Hero Costume.
Day Five: Black & Gold Friday.  To show our support to the Hawkeyes. It was their Homecoming Week.

My view from my new home away from home has a window view.  I get to see my old employer's building.  I think this is so funny. I had to take a picture with my phone and send it to my old team, who I miss.  One of them texted me when she left so I can see her wave Good-Bye to me. 

The exercise room had been completed.  I plan on taking advantage of this!  They have five bathrooms with showers too!  They also installed this in our break room.
Yes, it is an arcade game.  Old School with all the great classic games BONUS...NO QUARTERS NEEDED!

Alright now for the GREATEST NEWS EVER!!!!
I have talked about Miranda's health issues, born with Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and Montochondrial Disease.  She is fed by a G-Tube and occasionally a J-Tube.  She rarely smiles. She speaks very few words and not often.  She surprised the doctors by pulling herself up on the couch and standing.  Well, Miranda started school this year.  She is going part time.  The school picked up a small walker for her and she is walking.  Yes, Miranda walked!  Miranda will be six next month.  Just typing this out is sending chills down my spine and tears to my eyes.  This little wonderful girl is so full of miracles.  She suffers so much. She was inspiration to my Dad while he was battling cancer.  I can only imagine Miranda's excitement because she loves her big sisters.  Oh Miranda!  I love you so much.

What do you have to be HAPPY about this week?


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday's Song ~ Woman

October 9 was John Lennon's birthday.  My Sunday's Song is in honor of him.  Enjoy!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Literary Friday ~ Snow on the Tulips

Snow on the Tulips

Snow on the Tulips, takes place in the Netherlands during the World War II after Germany has taken over the Netherlands passive Dutch Army.  Most of the time when I read about World War II it is about the Jewish people feeling the hurt from the war or the Americans' struggle.  This book gives a view from how the people in the Netherlands felt the ugly of the time and also the hardship from the war.  This story is based on true events which happened to the author, Liz Tolsma's family.

Cornelia is a widow, she lost her husband in battle with the Nazi's on her wedding night.  She is a quiet person who is hiding her younger brother from the Nazis.  She prefers to live her life unnoticed because she has lost so much during the war.  She cares deeply for her family and is willing to help them anyway possible.  Although she is quiet and tries her hardest to avoid conflict with the Germans, she resists in her own little ways at first like not speaking German even though she is fluent.  Her younger brother was tired of hiding and wanted to join the local Resistance but his sister would not have it.  One evening there was a massacre near Cornelia's home.  The Nazis officers killed a group of Resistance, however, one German intentionally let his prisoner (Gerrit) live with only a fatal shot.

Gerrit was a man who puts God and his country about all else and arrives at her house needing help.  She is so scared for herself and her family she nearly let him leave but her younger brother insisted on helping Gerrit.  Gerrit is determined to find a way to continue his underground work although he is injured by asking Cornelia and her brother to aid him by giving word he is still alive.  Although Cornelia states no at first she gives in to keep her brother out of it.  

The two fight falling in love for reasons you will learn by reading the story.  Things in their lives start to unravel and Gerrit's life as well as her brother's life depends on Cornelia's actions.  She must draw upon her own courage and faith to become part of the Resistance in her own way after Gerrit tells her " Courage is not a feeling.  Courage is an action."  Cornelia ends up calling upon her older sister for help.   The book is filled with a lot of tragedy, love, and historical events.

I fell in love with all of the characters and I enjoyed this book immensely. I was so drawn into it.  I would highly recommend this book to any historical fiction or World War II lover, and cannot stress how much I enjoyed this story.  It is definitely one of my favorite books this year and well worth re-reading.


Friday Confessional

It is Friday and you all know what that means?  Yep, you guessed it, time to fess up.  Come join the fun over at Aubrey's High-Heeled Love.  She host this little party every Friday.   

I confess..

This week has flown by.  I love the company I work for!  We have a lot of fun, however I am a little worried about next week when the client I was hired for goes live.  There have been so many hick ups along the way this week with training and we have not navigated much through the systems, okay the client's site.   This is going to make next week just a little stressful.  

I confess...

Monday I spent nine hours in the ER.  Noah had issues once more and took a knife. He hid it in his room Sunday night after getting mad at Ethan.  Monday he spent a good portion of his day in the Counselors office and then Todd picked him up early.

I confess...

I was freakin' mad at the University's ER. They did not have any beds for adolescent psych so they transported him to another hospital close to two hours away.  I told him I did not want him to come home until he has coping skills this time.  He is like a fish on a beach and people who can help him just walk by looking at him and not throwing him back into the water.

I confess...

Due to training it has been very difficult to find out Noah's progress and THAT IS FRUSTRATING to me! Noah thinks he will be coming home on Saturday.  I have no clue because I have only talked to the doctor one time for three minutes. The doctor had nothing to share but the meds were changed. 

I confess...

We have an awful mental health system!  When will this ever change?

I confess...

On a different note, if you have not seen my post prior to this one, you should check it out.  I love the pictures I captured of Diamond Lake.

What do you have to confess about this week?

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