Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall Decorating ~ Pumpkin Style

Fall has finally arrived and I realized, I do not have a lot of Fall decorations.  I want to add a little bit of pumpkins here and there throughout the house.  I mean pumpkins are for both Halloween and Thanksgiving, right?  Here are a few I pinned on great ol' Pinterest that I am in love with.

Pumpkins can be made from recycled materials..

 Old Sweaters that may have holes can turn into these cute little pumpkins.

 Below: Pumpkins made from old shirts

Pumpkins can be made from fabric...

Above: I thought this one was adorable made from burlap and twine.
 Below: Heartwarming pumpkins made from chenille

Below:  This pumpkin is made up from several fabric yo-yos.  

This beach feeling pumpkin is made from linen.

Pumpkins made from string...
 Above: Crochet Pumpkin
Below: String Pumpkin
Pumpkins made from paper...

This pumpkin is made from card stock paper and scrap booking paper.

 Pumpkins made from metal...

This pumpkin is made up of canning jar lids.

Pumpkins made from glass...

Below are pumpkins made from glass and mercury.


 I have always wanted to own some glass and mercury pumpkins.

I am excited to see what I come up with.  You all will have to check back in the next month or so to see.

Do you decorate your house with Fall items?


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I'm Back!

Hello...remember me?  I know I have been away for awhile.  This post is a little catch up and then I plan to go visit my favorite blogs.  I took the time to heal and I have missed blogging as well as my blog friends.

July and August were rough one and I had to take time away to regroup and heal.  Right before the 4th of July I found out Joshua was moving to Florida a lot sooner than he had expected.  This is the first of our children to move further than 30 minutes away. Joshua broke the envelope and moved 22 hours away from us.  Although I miss him incredibly it was a great move for him. He has already been promoted to Management and his future looks bright with this company.

Matthew has been struggling since his OUI.  I think he is on the right track. Christian lost his job and was slipping into his depression but pulled out quickly.  Ethan feared he was not going to be able to go back to school but he figured it out and was able to pull it off.  He has a very full schedule.  He and Matthew moved August 1st just down the street from where they were living. It's definitely an improvement for their old apartment.

July 30th Emily and her boyfriend, Kameron moved into a house together and picked up another puppy.  Her boyfriend was a manager at the Sears near us but they closed the store just days before the kids actually moved.  Kameron is now working where I work and is on my team.  I think they are a cute couple and love how comfortable he is with the family because, well he is family now too.  Kera and Taj also moved August 1.  They moved about 20 minutes away in a different city but they are still in the corridor.  Taj began Kindergarten in August.  

He is so excited.  We see him less now that we don't pick him up from daycare.  We only see him every Thursday and every other weekend we watch him on both Saturday and Sunday.  The other weekend for now Kera and Taj will come over on Sundays for dinner but I have a feeling when the weather changes they won't make the drive.  My marriage had some problems but I know Todd really wants our marriage to work.  He has shown me this.  Our vacation was not as healing as we had hoped none from our efforts the weather was against us and it was also during Todd's birthday.  He did not handle turning 50 well.

I began taking herbal treatments for depression and it seems to be working.  I am not crying constantly, so many changes all at once and who knows maybe I am in a little bit of a midlife crisis myself with my 50th being about 3 months away.  I just finally uploaded pictures from our vacation. I plan to blog about it.  As I said I was fighting the blues and it took everything I had to get out of bed.  I did have some good days and plan to share.  One was labor day weekend.  The Friday before I was preparing some 7 layered dip to take to work and I had a surprise visitors.  Joshua and McKenzie came back for a week.  They spent a few days here in Iowa City. McKenzie was in a wedding.  

They spent a couple of days with her family near Des Moines.  He came up Labor Day weekend and that Saturday most of the family went camping.  Christian and a friend of his, Ethan, Emily and Kameron and their dogs, Todd and myself and Taj all stayed the night. Kera is not into camping but she stopped by dinner and the campfire. Joshua and McKenzie were there for an hour or so in the afternoon and then left for the wedding rehearsal and dinner, after dinner they stopped by again for a few hours as we sat by the campfire.  Matthew was the only one who could not make it because of work.  
 We had two campsites.  The tent above had the boys in it. Next to it in a little pup tent (not pictured) was the tent Kameron and Emily and the dogs had.  Below is the tent Todd, Taj, and I had.  We brought our ladder ball and yard darts.  We had a great time.

I also recently upgraded my phone where I have more memory and have discovered the world of Snap Chat.  I just love that app/social media.  I have to look every day to see what is new and take a picture or record something funny.  Great for depression.

Now, I must go and catch up with you all.  I will post regularly again. I have missed you my friends.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Catch Up...Where I Have I Been

I have not posted anything for a month. To be honest I am fighting depression big time. I skipped the monthly goals because I did not have any.  My only goal is to get out of bed each day and to remember to breathe. This post will be my only this month because on Saturday I will be leaving for vacation and it I am so looking forward to get away. It is something I need and my marriage.  There is a big hole right now and we need to mend it. I do not think I have cried as much as I have over this. I feel so alone.

When it rains it pours... Matthew was supposed to have his license back after a year but only to find out he was supposed to go through more outpatient treatment first. Ethan is afraid to register for school in fear of not being able to afford it. His Dad screwed him out of $1300 in tax refund which was supposed to go towards his school. He claimed Ethan as a dependent when legally under the IRS definition he had no right to. Joshua moved last Saturday to Florida.  Noah is struggling with his depression after being fired from his job.

Well that basically catches you up on what is going on with me.  After I get back I hope to blog more and visit you all.


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Random Rambling ~ Celebrating, Gardens, New Neighbors, Camping, Health, and Moving

June, can you believe we are nearly half way through the month already.  Nearly half way through the year!   Time is flying so fast.  June has been a busy month so far.  I am struggling with the being healthy part. My sugar levels are all over the place, the highest has been 148 but my lowest has been 49.  I made too much of a drastic change where the sodium levels in me are too low between that and the low sugar levels I felt like I was out of it and so forgetful.  I hate it.  I have to work on one thing then the other.  I don't know what is worse, the sugar levels or the blood pressure being 143-156.  The doctor will help me though.

We celebrated Taj's 5th Birthday.   Yes, my darling grandson is now 5.  Time is going by so fast with this little guy.  This year's birthday Mama wanted to do everything on her own.  The day of the party, she told me never to listen to her again because she needs the help.  (Awh... I am here for you any time.)  She did a great job though.  His party was at our neighborhood park.  She bought pizza and cake.  The kids played, ate, and celebrated.

 Taj playing soccer.
 Below: Noah and Kameron on the left. 
On the right Madi (Ethan's girlfriend) and Ethan
 Below: Kameron (Emily's boyfriend) playing with the boys.
 I just love his smile!

Our gardens are in full swing now.

 We do some container gardening too.
One corner of our garden: Broccoli, Cabbage,
Chinese Cabbage, and Lettuce 

We have new neighbors in our neighborhood.  I have noticed we have less squirrels and the rabbit population is down.  Oh, don't worry I still see squirrels but not in groves like they were and now we may see five rabbits in our backyard compared to a couple of dozen.  Here is a picture of our new neighbors.

Yes, we have a pair of Great Horned Owls.  This picture I am standing in the door frame of our back porch and deck.  The tree is next to our deck.  We definitely have to watch out and not allow the cats on the deck any more.  They primarily hunt at night but they are also known to hunt during the day.  This one's companion was on the ground by my butterfly/hummingbird garden.  Todd said the wing span was nearly 3 feet.  (I hope they do not scare the hummingbirds away.)

I have learned Great Horned Owls do not only Hoo Hoo Hoooo at night.  They can screech and screech like ever 10-15 minutes, it was difficult to sleep in our back yard.  What?  Yes, we did a little one night camp out with Taj to see how he would do.  He was awesome.  Now once the weather cools down some we are going to go with whatever kids can go and Taj camping one weekend.  I am so excited for this.

 He loved the campfire.
He enjoyed the tent.  We used our small tent 
we bought for camping in Yellowstone last year.

Raising children to be independent is what we parents do.  I am proud of each one of my children, biological and step, and sometimes growing up means moving.  They have to follow their dreams and do what is right but it does not mean a parent has to be happy about it.  Wait, that is wrong, I am happy for the opportunity but I am not happy how far the opportunity is for this child.  My second oldest, Joshua very much impressed his higher management when he went to help open the new center in South Dakota, so much they wanted to do everything in their power to keep him and McKenzie working for them.  The two will be transferring to Florida.  They will be working at two different centers and live in between.  Joshua will have a 45 minute drive and McKenzie a 35 minute drive.  They will be moving 30 hours away from us.  When I first found out about this two weeks ago, I was trying to mentally prepare myself because I was told it would happen some time in October or December, things have changed.  It will be within 30 days now.  This will be our first moving out of state.  I am happy for him but a little piece of my heart will be moving to Florida.


Monday, June 6, 2016

Fairy Garden

It is not very often I copy an entire post I publish on my garden blog but I just love how my little Fairy Garden turned out and it is on my 55 x 55 list, so enjoy!

A couple of years ago I saw a Fairy Garden and thought how much I would like to make one.  I have been looking online and thought that I would make one this Summer.  I wanted to use my old wash tub my Mom gave me about 20 years ago.  It was her Mom's.  ( I feel I need to explain here, I never got to meet her Mom, she passed when my Mom was 13 years old.)

At first I planned on gluing rocks on a bird house.  I went to Michael's to look for my bird house only to find a very nice sale.  I found by the time I bought the bird house, which was way too large or way too small and the items I needed to decorate I would spend a lot more than if I were to purchase one of their Fairy Garden homes.  I figured I would pick up a few things pre-made and spend less to have more to spend on the plants.  I had already picked up my little Fairy from Earl May the week prior.  I wanted to have a little vegetable garden for the Fairy since we garden but I couldn't find my clay you can bake and I did not want to buy the clay because I know once I buy some I will find it.  I picked up a little planting box of lettuce for now and some gardening tools for the Fairy. 

Memorial weekend we cleaned the deck, stained the main surface, and then cleaned our back porch.  It was now time for me to start my little garden.  I added the Phlox, which was labeled for Fairy Garden.  A bonus is it will attract butterflies too.  I also added a Columbine plant, this will attract Hummingbirds.  I also planted a tiny rose bush which was also labeled for a Fairy Garden.  All of these plants are perennials so they should grow back next year.  I had some left over Dusty Miller plants from other planters and chose to add it as well.  Here is a picture of the first day's planting.
 I think the little mushrooms are one of my favorite things.

It was a nice start but I knew I wanted more.

Last Wednesday while I was shopping for work, I drove by Earl May and decided to stop and pick up some more plants for the little garden and moss to add.  I bought three house plants I can transplant late fall and take indoors.  I picked up a little Palm Tree, an Umbrella Tree which I was able to divide and Hirt's Baby Tear Plant.  Here is my finished product for now.  
 I really liked how it came together. 
 One thing I definitely need to add is a little trellis for the rose bush.
Isn't it cute?

I plant to paint something special on the wash tub and adding a few decorative pieces to the garden later.   I am very pleased with the first little Fairy Garden.

I hope you enjoyed as much as I did sharing.   If you ever want to check out my other blog, there is a link on the side bar was well as a tab at the top.  

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