Monday, July 27, 2015

The Great River Road ~ Road Trip One

This post is recycled, originally posted October 22, 2011.

Two weekends ago, Todd and I went to see his Mother in Davenport.  She had moved and this was our first opportunity to see her new home.  We thought since the trees were suppose to be at their peek for fall colors and since we had no Taj that day, a drive up the Ol' Mississippi River would do wonders.  We asked both Ethan and Noah if they wanted to join us but they both thought it would be boring.  We started as far south one could on the coast of Iowa and planned on driving up the Great River Road all the way to the top where Iowa meets Wisconsin.  We actually left a lot later then we anticipated from his Mother's new home.

The Beginning of our journey!
 Along the Mississippi River near the Quad Cities: Dubuque area
Fall's colors are definitely not peeking near the Dubuque area.
We drove for a little while and around Clinton we found this little island.  Actually it is a little lake that is part of the Mississippi River.  The little island is called Driscol Island.  It really is not much but a place where one can pull off the road and fish and picnic.  For Todd and I it was a place to stop and take some pictures.

 I am finding that I am falling in love more and more with nature over the years.
I love this picture of the bird house with the Fall foliage behind it.
 I also loved how the sun glistened on the water.  
 Add some fall colors to the trees, absolutely beautiful!

We continued on our journey heading towards the north.  In Bellevue we found a state park were we could have a beautiful view from some bluffs.  We both thought this would be a wonderful stop.

 Our view as we drove into the State Park.
 We both loved the trees, the colors, and the bluffs as we entered.
 Inside the park, Todd noticed a Butterfly Garden and this was our first stop inside the State Park.

We definitely plan to go back next September according to the sign the Butterfly Garden
should be at it's peak of butterflies then.

 On our way out we found a Cardinal
On to the bluff section of the park.
 The captain of our voyage!

After the state park, we had to head home.  The day was drawing near the end and we needed to get back home by 6 pm for the kick off to the Hawkeyes Football game.  Okay, Todd had to get back.
 Our beautiful view on our way home...bug splatter and all.
 Not bad for the car moving 65mph and me taking a picture with the car window down.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

7 Years and Going Strong!

This is a recycled post, originally posted July 26, 2012.
I would like to add 7 years now and I am more in love with the man
I married.  He is my soul mate and I know God
Guided him to me as well as me to him.
In our seven years, we have only spent one year in Iowa for our anniversary.
This year we are in Yellowstone, tonight
tent camping near the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.
I cannot think of a more beautiful place to be with such a beautiful man.
We never had that honeymoon, but I am going to count this because it is
also our first vacation away for more than three days
without any of the children.

Today is Our Anniversary, our 4th although we have been living with one another now for 7 1/2 years. We are celebrating it in Rehoboth Beach, DE for most of the day on a family vacation with my sons, Ethan and Noah as well as my Mom. Later we will be driving to Dover, DE and spending the night. We have plans for my Mom to watch the boys at the hotel while we go out for dinner. I hope it is some great seafood restaurant since we are on the East Coast. I figure, we live in the Midwest so the seafood should be much better on the East Coast, since corn and pork is much better where I am from, makes sense to me.

The two of us never really had a honeymoon or even a honeymoon phase in our relationship. We sort of just jumped in like "old married couples", I think mainly because we both had been married for 15 and 16 years to another person and had children from the previous marriage. We both had custody of our children making it a house suddenly of 6 children, 17 year old, 15 year old, 14 year old, 12 year old, 8 year old, and a 5 year old. We had so many teens right from the start. We have had a lot of trials with our children but I love how we stood together and support one another.

He is still my prince charming and means the world to me. I still feel very fortunate that he is my boys' step-father. Here is my favorite wedding picture of the two of us. You can just see how happy we truly are.

And of the family, our first Family picture. A day everyone was happy. The girls even cried.

Click here to read about last two years Reflections along with many more wedding pictures.

Happy Anniversary Todd, I love you!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fairytales Do Come True!

This is a recycled post, originally posted January 30, 2011

Someone I work with has a little plaque on her desk…"Fairytales do come true!" When I asked her about it, she said they do because she married her Prince Charming. I thought to myself WOW…what a wonderful thing! Here she is young with a small child and happily married. At first I was a little envious…how come some people have it all? But that is just an appearance. No one has it all…after getting to know her more, I found out she is by far not happily married. Sadly I think she is trying to convince herself of this, thus for the plaque she views every hour she is at work.

Yesterday was Todd's and My Anniversary of our first date 3 years ago. The night before that we laid snuggling in bed, talking about how we felt about the next day…January 15th. When we awoke the next day, while he was getting out of bed, he leaned over gave me a small kiss and stated with a cute little smile…"Happy Kind-of-sort-of Anniversary." Later at dinner we talked…he asked me if I remembered what we ordered on our first date…Pfhhh…of course I did. He ordered the Prime Rib and I ordered the Seasoned Chicken. He had a huge smile and said that he wasn't surprised; he remembered his but couldn't remember mine. He kept looking at me and smiling like he did on our first date. Kera came over to talk to us. We then ordered. While we waited he leaned over and told me that 3 years ago this night was the beginning of the best part of the rest of his life. This coming from a man that tells me he is not romantic. WRONG!

Do I believe in Fairytales coming true? Yes, I do, but you have to remember at the beginning of the Fairytale one is going through hardship and is rescued and THEN lives happily ever after. I have often told Todd that he is my Prince Charming…my Knight in Shinning Armor. Todd saved me from my sad days. It wasn't until dinner when he told me what he thought about this day three years ago that it dawned on me…I was his Princess Charming and Knight in Shinning Armor as well. WE saved each other. I hope my friend at work doesn't give up on Fairytales…because they do come true. Oh by the way, Todd ordered Steak and I ordered Portabella Mushroom Chicken...I guess we did revert back to 3 years ago

The above was posted on a different blog site January 15, 2008. Looking back at this I still feel this way...Fairytales do come true. Yes, yes every day is not happily ever after. You have to have a few struggles to enjoy and appreciate the happy ones. We too have had obstacles, matter of a fact we had a huge fight just a couple of days ago. However we overcame it (without going into details...he was wrong and he ended up saying I'm sorry. Something very rare the actual words, typically it is actions he says sorry. It was a long over due conversation that turned into an argument, but he did listen. He did understand. He kept his promise when the situation came about only 3 days after the argument.) by communicating. Sometimes it is rough to communicate but you just need to stick with it and find what works for the two of you. Just remember sometimes in order to have a beautiful rainbow, we have to have a storm first. I still feel blessed to have my Prince Charming.


Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Confessional


It is Friday and you all know what that means? Yep, you guessed it, time to fess up. Come join the fun over at Aubrey's High-Heeled Love. She host this little party every Friday. 
I confess...

I am on the road today.  We are traveling to Laramie, Wyoming for our first stop. 

I confess...

This is our first vacation without any children.  It will be the longest stretch of days without any of our children or grandson.  We will think of them but we are also excited.

I confess...

We did not even have a honeymoon, the very next day we left for family vacation and took the kids with us.  Well those who could get off work. 

I confess...

We will be spending our anniversary this year in a campground, tent camping under the stars in Yellowstone.  I am sure the star gazing is going to be remarkable if it is a clear night.  I do hope it is a clear night.

I confess...

I have all my post scheduled to be posted and most will be recycled posts but there are a couple of new post.

What do you have to confess this week?


Literary Friday ~ Insurgent

Insurgent (Divergent, #2)

I absolutely loved "Divergent" by Veronica Roth.  I also loved the movie.  I had no problems at all reading the next book in the series "Insurgent".  The book picks up exactly where "Divergent" left off.  The Dauntless and Erudite factions are on the hunt for Tris and Four and any other person who is divergent.  In this book we find out why Jeanine dislikes divergent and wants to eradicate them.  The readers find out Four's mother is not dead and is basically the leader of the factionless.  Tris struggles with the fact she killed Will and her parents dieing.  Her world is in total up roar and she finds she is more Abnegation than she thought.  What I did not like about the book was how Tris and Four pulled away from one another.  I was relieved the movie did not portray this.  I am definitely anxious to read the next book in the trilogy. 
What have you been reading? I am linking this up to Art@Home's linky party. You can click on the icon below to find other book reviews or if you write book reviews you are welcome to join in on the party and add your review for others to enjoy.
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