Monday, October 24, 2016

Dyersville ~ Field Of Dreams

Build it and they will come!   Is this heaven?  No, it's Iowa!   Oh, how I loved that movie the first time I watched it in 1989.  I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this movie.  My oldest nephew played a baseball tournament on that field.  I was so upset that I was not able to go and watch him play.  I have always wanted to go and see the field.

Our second week of vacation we basically moved our children to their new apartments, yes, children.  Joshua moved to Florida Mid-July and then Emily (The only one we did not help because she did not ask us and we were in Chicago.) moved the 30th, Matthew and Ethan moved out on the 31st of July.  August 1st we moved them to the 3rd Floor of their apartment as well as Kera and Taj to the 3rd floor of their apartment.  We did a lot of helping our second week but the last Friday of that second week we did a little adventure in Iowa.  Todd knew how much I was to see the Field of Dreams so he suggested we make one of our stops there.  I was ready to go...

It was not very hard to find at all and I loved every minute of being there.  It was everything I expected and the only thing that would have topped it was actually watching a ball game played there.
Below: The farm house, the added the fence around the house after the movie.

Below: The swing actually was added for the movie and this swing is not the one used in the movie.  The one in the movie was a neighbor's swing.

I had to take a picture of Todd going into the field and with him coming out.
This was a must for me to do.  I know I am so corny but that is just me.

Below: Our selfie at the Field of Dreams.  
It was rather hard to get the sign in between us.

As I stated above, going to the Field of Dreams has always been a wish of mine and now I can cross off one of the items in my 55 x 55 and Bucket List.

Field of Dreams is 1 hour and 40 minutes away from Iowa City.


Friday, October 21, 2016

Vacation 2016 ~ Day 6 On The Way To Chicago

Day Six of our vacation was basically just driving to Chicago to see our second game of the Cubs playing at Wrigley Field (Day 7).  We joked around about going to Avery's Auto Salvage since we would be driving by Manitowoc.  I think our friends and family thought we were just joking but we actually did it.  (For those who have seen Netflix "Making A Murderer" will know what we are talking about.)  Many of my co-workers were not looking forward for me being gone for two weeks from work.  They hate it when I am gone.  One acted a little concerned when he heard me joke around about going to check out the salvage yard.  He asked me if I was serious driving there in our Rav4.  I just told him it was the wrong color.  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen my little video I created for Luke about if I do not make it back, he knows where to look for me.   To the family of the woman who was murdered, I am sorry for your loss.  My joke was more of the horrible police work Manitowoc did.
As soon as we saw the city's sign I posted a picture of it.  We ended up finding the salvage yard.  They have their own road named after them.
Once we turned onto their road we chickened out and did not want to drive all the way down to the salvage yard.

I did get out of the car and zoomed in and took a picture of their homes.  While I was doing this a truck pulled onto the road, it was either one of the sisters or his girlfriend and boy did she scowl at me.  I quickly hopped back into the car and we cracked up laughing.  We were not the only car on the road taking pictures.  I am sure they get this all the time, what did they expect by making the movie.  We ended up eating lunch in Manitowoc and was able to drive through without any police sighting at all.

Once in Chicago, we checked in and decided to rest and watch the Cubs game on television in a very comfortable bed in a beautiful room.  I have no clue why I did not take any pictures of our hotel.

Above: Our selfie before we left Sturgis Bay.
Below: A selfie of me
Below is another selfie we took on Day 7 at Wrigleyville.   

Our final day of actually doing anything you can read about with my first post...Go Cubbies Go!   Day 8 was packing up with a stop in Davenport to pick up a family member's truck to borrow to move children the very next two days on our vacation.

Vacation 2016 ~ Day Three Door County
Vacation 2016 ~ Day Four Door County Day 2 
Vacation 2016 ~ Day Five Door County Day 3
Vacation 2016 ~ Day Five Music Holiday Motel
Vacation 2016 ~ Day Six On The Way To Chicago


Friday Confessional

It is that time of week, time for confessions.

I confess...

I have already voted!  I am not going to go into who I voted for because I do not want this to be a political debate.  Let us just say I really am not fond of either candidates but I did vote for one.  I did not want to waste my vote. 
I confess...

I am rethinking dinnerware by the Pioneer Woman.  I just love so many of her products.  I picked up these already.

 Above:  My tea kettle and second purchase after the goblets I bought at Christmas time.
The spoon rest I bought next with her fall mixing bowls (not pictured)  (Also please excuse the burners, I need to replace them from canning.)
Below: This is a spice drawer but I am using it for our different flavors of tea bags.  
I just love this little drawers.
 Below: I purchased these last Friday.  I love these measuring spoons.  
How adorable are they?

 My latest purchase is her lunch tote.  
I needed a new one and it comes with the drinking bottle above.  
I absolutely love this bag!

I confess...

I just found out she is going to have a Christmas Line now too.  Oh no Todd!  You better watch out!

I confess...

I have been so stressed watching the Cubs play.  Go Cubbies Go!

I confess...

I had an interview for a QA Analyst again.  I should hear today if I got it or not.  I am praying I get it this time. 

What do you have to confess this week?


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Vaction 2016 ~ Day 5 Music Holiday Motel

As promised here is my little post about our motel.  It was such an adorable 50's feel.  It is actually one of the Door County's top ranked hotels.  Artist will stay here during the county's songwriting festivals and may even record in their room.  All of the rooms are wired for the possibility of recording studio in the room.  We absolutely loved the vibe.  The decorations reminded me so much of my grandmother's house, some of the decorations my grandmothers had when I was very young.  Enjoy the pictures I took while we were inside.

 I loved the tree.  I remember having one exactly like this when I was very young.

 The instruments in the lobby are for the guest to play.

 The little robot made from a vacuum cleaner was too cute.



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