Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Random Rambling Catch Up

I have been working hard on a post I am going to share about my niece's disease, this week is the awareness of the disease.  I confess...it is not ready yet.
I also have another post in the works but it will have to be posted sometime this week.
I have been working a lot of overtime and working on projects around the house.  A week ago Sunday my sisters and I went through my Dad's belongings.  I have shirts I wanted to make pillows for my sister's and boys.  I picked up some hankies to do something creative with as well.  The boys ended up with swords and a dagger. They were happy.

I have been struggling this week with my son.  His mood swings have been all over the place.  I am not a factor but I am the one he takes it out on.  His happiness relies on relationships I have come to the conclusion.  When a relationship is not going well he is self destructive. He did exactly that on Friday.  A girl was rude and he was mad at her so he took her coffee and poured it on her.  For now the girl does not want to press assault charges on him but we will know more by Monday.  He was suspended and will be going to a school for behavioral problem kids for now.  *sigh*  When will he ever learn? (No charges at this time.)

My Dad came to me in a dream Thursday night.  The only part of the dream I recall is my Dad, he had white light glowing from him, he was smiling and so happy.  He was laughing too.  I felt him happiness and it warmed my heart.

I have read some reviews on the dishes I want, disappointed I will not get them now.  The colors do not show true to the picture and they are breaking when washed in the dishwasher and they are supposed to be dishwasher safe, so back to the drawing board and I will look for something else now. 

I have updated one of the chairs in our small living room.  I added slip covers now they match the loveseat we have.  I also updated the throw pillow from one of my pins on Pinterest.  I am loving it

I have not read a book in two weeks.  I need to pick on up and get reading so I can post this Friday.

Now that you all are caught up with me, I have to go and catch up with you all. 

Happy National Coffee Day to all!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wilson's Orchard 2015 Version

We had such a great time making this an annual tradition.  This year we went to Wilson's Orchard with Taj, Matthew, Emily, and Kamron.  Joshua and Ethan were working and Noah did not want to go.  Kera was visiting a friend.  This was our first time meeting Emily's boyfriend Kamron.  I really like him.  His sense of humor reminds me of Todd's. 

We all had lunch prior to going to the orchard.  Once we were at the orchard we waited for a tractor ride.  Taj played with their Applesaurus.

This was the first time I rode on the tractor ride and it was enjoyable.  We did not take the ride all the way around, we chose to get off near the Honey Crisp trees and the trees ready to be picked.
 You cannot see Todd, he is in front of Matthew (the one in red) picking the first apple.
Below: Kamron is lifting Taj to pick apples.
 Kamron is very good with Taj. I love seeing Emily so happy.  She deserves it.
Matthew was having a good time too.  I love the fact my oldest is so happy in life.  Emily and Matthew are only six months difference in age.  It seems this year is their year.  They both have found content and happiness in life. 
This little black cat came out of the pumpkin patch.  At first we thought he was adorable until I saw his catch.  He had a live mouse in his mouth.  The cat was very friendly and was rubbing up against our legs for attention, but I moved because I am terrified of mice.  I was afraid our new little friend was going to drop the mouse and the mouse would run towards me.  Eventually, the little creature died and the cat basked in the sun playing with his new little toy.
After the cat we crossed the bridge and found a snapping turtle in the creek.  Taj thought it was "AWESOME!"
After climbing up the steep hill we found the photo prop and had to take our yearly photo. This year it stars: Taj as the back, Emily as Johnny Appleseed, Kamron as the rabbit and Todd as the deer.
Taj came across a new photo prop and wanted his picture taken with it as well.  It tells the story of our tractor ride.  The tractor's name is Bessie and she took us over the creek to get away from the crocodile which lives in it.  *wink wink*
 We all enjoyed the afternoon and it was a beautiful day at the orchard.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wordless Wednesday~ Flyin' to class

Err...not so much picture but video and I feel like I need some words with this one this week.  It was one of those nights I could not sleep so I was enjoying Google+ and came across my son's account.  He used this for school where he saved projects.  I do not know why he never shared his videos he created but I just laughed and laughed at this one.  He created it for one of his classes in 2013 and it was the first time they used green screen video.  Enjoy! 

I love the timing of the school bell.  *smile*  My kids crack me up.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wilton, Iowa

Our next Iowa Adventure took us to a town named Wilton.  We planned for months to go to this adorable old fashion candy soda shop.  Wilton Candy Kitchen was built in 1856 and is the oldest building in Wilton.  In 1910, Gus Nopoulus became the owner and kept the store up and running.  The little store is a famous shop and has been handed down to the next generation.  In 1993, the Wilton Candy Kitchen was inducted in to the National Register of Historic Places.   We wanted to include Taj with this one and any of our children who wanted to go.  The Wilton Candy Kitchen was not open as often as it used to be due to the owners age, he was 94.  We decided to try to take Taj in June, however the day we were going to go was the owner, George "Gus" Nopoulus' funeral.  We decided to try this past weekend only to find the store closed.  I have to admit we (Todd and I) were disappointed.  We have no clue if and when the store will reopen.  Over 150 years this little gem has been opened to the public.

Todd has been in Wilton before, years ago.  He played slow pitch softball there but never went to the Wilton Candy Kitchen.  Thankfully he was able to pull something out for Taj to be entertained.  He found a park were Taj and Todd had a lot of fun and played.


Wilton is 35 minutes from Iowa City.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Musical Monday ~ Beautiful

I watched part of this video which was plastered all over my Facebook feed last week.  I do not know where it came from but it really angered me to the max!  I just do not understand people, right down mean people.  If she thought it felt it was funny or true to the her opinion, then I feel sorry for her because she is so narrow minded.  I know, we have freedom of speech and yes, that is good but this was so mean and ugly.  I watched only half of the crap, yes that is right it was crap, and had enough.  I am not going to even post a link to the crap, but you can search it if you really want to support her cause, the comedian's name is Nicole Arbour.  The video basically, slams over weight people stating, anyone over weight who has any type of health issues it is all related to the fact they are fat.  Yes, that ugly three letter word F A T.  All one needs to do in her opinion is not over eat and exercise and this will help the over weight person's health issues. She believes people who are over weight and have disability is wrong because they are simply just using it as an excuse because they are fat.  She states "Fat shaming is not a thing.  Fat people made that up."

This just angers me.  I am over weight and it is not from over eating.  I do not move as much as I should to lose the weight but it is not because I have no "will" power or want to because trust me.  I WANT to. Most days I get up and I am in pain, stairs are so painful but it is not because I am over weight like this lady thinks.  It is because the meniscus is deteriorating, basically a form of arthritis and the only thing to help will be total knee replacements, in both knees.  This limits how much and what type of exercise I can do.  Simple walking is limited to flat surface and babe, Ms. Nicole, there are very few places on this earth which are flat. You obviously must have gone to medical school since you have the knowledge why someone is fat as you put and you must have double majored in social or psychology since you know what is true bullying and shaming, you must think fat people made up the fact that some people are over weight because of medical reasons or side effects from medication.

It has taken me a long time to love myself, no matter what my size, as well as accept myself.  I am starting to develop some self esteem finally.  I have such a wonderful husband who has been so supportive and nurturing to allow me to find myself and love myself.  Year 2015 has been exactly that learning to love myself.  This woman on a video feels it is fine to bash over weight people, well, Nicole, you are so wrong and I am not sorry you were fired from anti-bullying productions because what you did was bully plain and simple.  I am also refusing your narrow mind views bring me down.  Regardless of my size or other people's size, we are beautiful.  So this leads to my Musical Monday's choice of song, Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful".

I am linking up to Angie @ My So-Called Chaos Musical Monday.

Musical Mondays at My So-Called Chaos

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