Monday, July 22, 2019

Our Weekend With The Wonder Twins

I have taken some time away.  Eric's death hit me harder than I thought it would.  He was one of my best friends.  It was rough losing him and the year prior my sister but I am coming to peace now and feel like blogging again.  I just don't want my blog to be about sadness all the time.  I am working on being healthier on every aspect and depression is one.  Thank you for being understanding and allowing me to break away from time to time when needed.    I do have some enjoyment to share.

Two weeks ago we thought we would assist Emily and give her a break and take the twins for the weekend..   She is two months from her due date with our soon to be 2nd granddaughter.  Our original thought was Saturday after breakfast and then when they come for Sunday dinner they can pick up the Wonder Twins.  Emily and Kameron were invited to go stay with friends for the weekend and we ended up picking them up after work on Friday.  We took the twins to dinner at Village Inn, thinking we would find something they would like.  The two love to color.

Our poor little Cambria was not feeling the best and had the case of the runs and a horrible rash, she let us know anytime her diaper was wet or dirtied.  We did our best to stay on top of it and she soaked in the tub a couple of times with baking soda to help with any inflammation.  When it came to sleep we aired up our camping mattress and Todd and Deckard slept on that while Cambria and I were in the bed.  I would say I had the better end of the deal by sleeping on the bed but Cambria is a kicker on top of not feeling well.  The next day we just hung out at home and played with the grandchildren.  Cambria assisted me when I was making meals, Deckard would toddle in and help when he was not too busy wrestling his Papa.  Sunday we watched all three of the grandchildren and took them to one of the city's splash pad since it was nearly 100 degrees.  They had fun including Papa getting wet.

While the boys were off playing ball and catch with the Frisbee, Cambria and I were in the shade.  Cambria loves to sing and there were birds hanging out in the shelter, so I thought it was time for my sweet little granddaughter to learn a Beatles song.  I taught her the first line to Black Bird.  I guess she ask Emily to play it several times a day and it is one of her favorites now.  A week later, she knows the entire song.  

We definitely had a great weekend.  It wore us out but we had fun.  These littles are my sunshine.  I hope to create a lot of fun memories with them.  Ones they will look back and cherish as I do my grandparents.  I love them so much.


Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday Confessional ~ My Friend Eric

It is Friday Again, time for confessions.

I confess...

I have kept in touch with my high school sweetheart over the past years.  He was the guy I went on my first date.  My first kiss.  My first...   He gave me a promise ring our Junior year in High School and our Senior year he gave me an engagement ring.  He treated me as if I was everything.  He would open doors for me. He would pull out my chair for me when we went out to eat.  He would open and close my door for me in the car.  He would carry my books for me.  He smothered me a little too much though.  I am sure if I would have told him to back off he would have.

I confess...

I only broke it off because there were issues with his family and my family.  I have wondered over the years if he and I had married how my life would be now.  Would he still do all the romantic things?  Our lives intermingled a lot because his younger brother married my cousin.  I know he had feelings for me after I was married and had children.  He showed it and he told me he thought about trying to ask me to leave my husband for him.  He would talk to me during family get together.

I confess...

I did look him up when my marriage had ended back in 2004 but found he was happily married with a baby.  I had not seen him after my grandfather died.  We did not have family get together any more. I had mixed emotions then, happy he found someone yet sad I missed out on him.

I confess...

When Lisa got sick we started to communicate every week night and sometimes on the weekend.  He was there to support me with Lisa, just be an ear and a cyber shoulder to cry on.  After she passed is when he checked in on me daily.  He made me laugh.  I was ever so grateful he did.  I could not lean on my husband for this because he could not take my sorrow.  My friend was going through tough times as well.  His marriage was not healthy.  His wife cheated on him and it devastated him.  I was there to support him as well.

I confess..

He started to share lately his feeling he had for me still.  I shared I cared for him and will always but I am in love with my husband.  He understood and stated this is what he loves about me.  The type of person I am.  We would reminisce about the old days.  He started to call me Dreamweaver because I was in his dreams a lot.  He was concerned about his health.  He had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and just found out he was diabetic.  Last month he started to text me less.  I asked what was going on and he shared he had been sick and he was in the hospital.  He did not want to add his problems to mine.  I told him that was non sense because we are friends and friends are there for one another.  We talked on the phone twice the past three months.  It was nice to hear his voice again.  The last time we talked was when he was in the hospital the last time.  He was having breathing problems and chest tightening but the specialist could not find anything.

I confess...

Wednesday night was the last time we texted.  He told me things were getting worse at home with his wife.  He was going to divorce her.  He asked me if I would leave my husband to be with him.  I told him I love my husband and I cannot do that.  I told him I care about him and want our friendship.  He asked me not to text him for awhile.  I told him no problem.  I was so angry and deleted him out of my contacts so I would not have the urge to text him any more.  He was in my dreams that night.  I had a dream he passed away.  I woke up with a horrible feeling.  The dream haunted me all morning shortly after Noon I private messaged him through Facebook.  I asked him if our friendship caused any conflicts with his marriage.  I told him he said it was getting worse did he want to share more.

I confess...

I was caught off guard with the response I received.  It was his sister, she told me he passed away that morning.  I was in shock and thought maybe it was not his sister so I messaged her on her account because we have been friends too.  She went into more details.  My heart hurts so much for the family.  My heart hurts so much I lost a good friend.  My heart hurts so much because of our last conversation was not a good one.  My heart hurts so much because I knew he died so unhappy.

I confess...

Eric, you will always have a special part in my heart.  I will hold on to my memories of you.  I hope you have found the happiness you deserve so much.  I love you dear friend.


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wednesday Woo Hoo- Happy List ~ The Grandchildren

Welcome to my Wednesday Woo Hoo - Happy List

I had the best weekend with all of the grandchildren.  As I posted in the past Taj and his Mom are currently living with us, so I get to see my oldest grandchild daily.  We took the twins overnight and the entire day on Saturday to give Mom some much needed break.  I know I was a little concerned about just the two of us watching them at Taj's ball game on Friday but they were not too bad.

My husband did have to run after them a few times.

Cambria slept with me in our bed and my husband aired up our camping mattress where Deckard and he slept in our bedroom too.  Cambria was the first to wake up and she was absolutely adorable even if it was 6 AM.
Cambria:  "Good Morning!" with a smile and sweet voice.
Me: "Well good morning."
Cambria:  "Da boyeee.  Where da boyeee?"
Me: "Brother is sleeping on the mattress on the floor with Papa."
Cambria: "Ohhhh boyeee!" with such relief.
The twins just adore Taj and Deckard is typically Taj's shadow.  I love the bond the three have.

The two are definitely a handful, I mean they are two year old and what one does not think of the other does.  They fight over sharing like typical two year old but they also have a cute bond and are best friends.  I love listening to the talk they can only understand and when they get going they just laugh and laugh.

Deckard loves to wrestle with Taj and with Papa.  There were times when the boys were jealous of one another and competing for Papa's attention.

It is very difficult to do a selfie with two of them strapped to strollers.

We took a little adventure on Saturday with all three and went to Iowa City's Art Festival.  This is one of  the Summer festivals Todd (aka Papa)  and I enjoy.  We did not stay very long because Taj was in a little mood and he was done being around his cousins for so long.  He was needing a break.  Oh, how I remember the days when he was the two year old taunting his uncles, my youngest two.  My youngest was four years older than he is when Taj was born.  Oh how the tide can change and roll.  HA HA HA HA.   I feel it was a successful weekend even though Taj needed some time away from the twins.

We went to Taj's game last night and the twins were there with their parents.  I arrived a little later than Todd did.  Once Cambria saw me she came running and saying "Nana!  Nana!  Nana!" and jumping up and down with excitement and the largest smile.  She made my heart melt.  She has called out my name when her parent or aunt ask where's Nana.  She has for a while when talking to Todd call him Papa but this is the first time she called me Nana without being prompted.  I am definitely blessed with my grandchildren.

What has made you happy this past week?


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Vacation 2017 Day Three ~ Little Stops Here and There

Our vacation as I stated prior we did not have something planned every day, mainly because there was so much and it was hard to pick.  One thing I picked out for us was to ride an incline railway up to Lookout Mountain. I am terrified of heights but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and do something I know my husband would enjoy.  I also had hoped we could see Ruby Falls if we were able to fit it in.  We ended up making reservations in Chattanooga for two nights, this way we did not have to rush and miss out any side attractions. 

Once we were on the road we tried to go and see the Grand Ole Opry, we both have some found memories of our grandparents and Opry.  Unfortunately we were only able to do a drive by.  We could not drive to the building itself because of road construction and the Grand Ole Opry Resort's parking lot was way more then we wanted to spend just to take pictures of a building, although it is a beautiful building and has so much history we just could not do it.

We stopped in Gatlinburg for lunch and found a little museum we thought it would be fun.  We both grew up watching the Dukes of Hazard.  My Dad was a huge fan and loved Waylon Jennings so I was excited to see it for two reasons.

We made one more stop to Stone River National Battlefield.  Did you know this battle had the highest percentage of casualties of any battle in the war?  

This battlefield was a lot smaller than the first one we saw.  There were a few more cannons that I did not take a picture of.  I did like their museum better.  A lot of history shared within this museum.


Vacation 2017 Day Two ~ Shiloh National Military Park

Day two we left Graceland Inn and our only plan for the day was checking into our hotel in Nashville.

There were a few things on our vacation we both found we wanted to do but we left a lot of time to find something along the way.  My husband and I both love history and Todd has always been very interested with the Civil War and the World Wars.  He decided to take a little detour and we went to o Shiloh National Military Park.

Our first stop in there was a little museum, inside there were so many facts and a few artifacts.

The Battle of Shiloh took place in April 1862.  The battle lasted two days and the farmers, their families, the livestock, and fields suffered as well.  Many of the farms are gone today but the fields remain.  Outside there were a few monuments as well.

 There were several cannons.

 A monument made of cannon balls.

After the battle, the government buried the dead from both sides where they fell. In 1866 Congress made this the permanent burial for those who died during the Shiloh battle as well as those who died at other locations on the Lower Tennessee River.  565 bodies were recovered and reburied here.  In 1984 Congress established it as national park to preserve the history and the landscape.

After visiting the National Military Park we took just a little drive into Mississippi and then headed towards Nashville and checked into our hotel.  The hotel was nothing to write about, it was under renovation and we understood why it was such a great deal.