Sunday, January 13, 2019

Plans and Sunday's Song~ Clearly

I think I am going to go back to the basics for my blog.  I know I lost a lot of followers over the past couple of years and I can understand.  My post were not as frequent.  I think for now I am going to post any complaints on Monday Moans.  Back to Tackle It Tuesday for projects I am working on.  Happiness will be Wednesday Woo Hoo.  Thursday will be Throwback Thursday and I have so many post coming on Thursdays, many vacation posts.  Friday will be Literary Friday if I have a book review to share.  Of course if something special happens it will be posted whenever I feel.  Who knows I might throw in Sunday's Song every now and then.  I was happy when I had a routine for blog world.  That's my plan for now.

With that said my Sunday's Song.  I have become a big fan of Grace Vanderwaal.  I love her voice and her style.  Yes, she is a young singer.  Yes, the one who won America's Got Talent.  I had such a hard time picking which song to post.  Her first album had so many songs that touched me and I could relate to. One of her songs makes me cry because it reminds me of Lisa. "A Better Life."  Towards the end it was hard to know what Lisa was saying at times because she was in pain but if I could see her eyes I thought I knew what she wanted or was trying to say.  I didn't choose that song, not this time but I recommend you checking it out.  The song I did chose was one where she took the chorus of another song and added to it.  So sit back and listen to this wonderful singer who will be turning 15 this month.  Grace Vanderwaal's "Clearly".  Enjoy!


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Happy 2019!

Happy 2019.  How did your year end in 2018?  How is it going for 2019? Any New Year's Resolutions?

I am going to do something a little different this year.  I am going to pick a word to define my goals and what I plan to accomplish in 2019.  My word is...


Yes, I am going to be more committed to God first.  Next I am going to be committed to myself and to my environment and community.  Notice I did not say family or job.  I already do that.  I mean I am so good at that I forget to do things for me.  The past four years have been tough.  I had guilt with the loss of my Dad not being there in the end. Guilt that I did not see what was going on with Noah.  Guilt I did not see the issues we were dealing with my son causing a rift in my marriage. Oh, he is to blame more but I did not notice.  We are going to counseling and hopefully we can mend what has been broken.  The death of my sister and all the other struggles last year has worn everything down.

I did have some wonderful things happen in 2018.  My grandchildren, their love is so pure and innocent.  They make my heart smile.  I was able to see Joshua three different times in 2018.  Noah did graduate and move.  Ethan graduated from a computer programming program. Matthew is getting things squared away.  We did travel to the West and saw some beautiful National Parks and country side.  I will post about it another day as well as our vacation in 2017.

2019... I am going to be committed to keep God closer in my heart.  He has always been there but my grief and depression took hold more than me just trusting in the Lord.

2019... I am going to be in touch with me more. Find my enjoyment and happiness once again. I plan to read more, to craft/paint more.  To focus on becoming healthier.  To blog more.

2019... I am going to be committed to be more in touch with the community and environment.  I will recycle, upcycle, and go more green, purge what we do not need or use.  I am not a very political person but I might get more involved for our earth's sake as well as the future for my children and grandchildren.

2019... I am going to be committed to be happy.

Committed is my 2019 word. What is yours?


Monday, October 22, 2018

Our First Pumpkin Derby Race

***NOTE: I am late posting about this event we participated in for the first time.  So many things are going on. Hopefully the last for health issues for me today and life will begin to get in track again. I do plan at least once a week to post.  I have so many past events to show.  ***

I came across this fall event I thought Taj would enjoy with us. DeWitt, Iowa had a Pumpkin Festival which also had a pumpkin derby contest. Everyone was in (Todd and Taj) so we signed up. Originally we thought Taj could paint his pumpkin as Spiderman but Taj wanted the Black Panther, so we knew our design. 

Todd researched on how to make the pumpkin derby car and we thought we would try wooden dowels as the axle. We picked up some other wooden pieces to keep the wheels in place and end caps.  We picked up two 5 inch wheels and two 6 inch wheels.  We pick up costumes for Taj to play in at our house so we thought it was time to pick up a Black Panther costume and use straight pins to pin on the mask.  Here was our completed pumpkin derby car.
Now we had our derby car we were ready to compete the next day.  We drive to DeWitt to participate in our first ever Pumpkin Derby Race.  We took the attitude as this is our first and we will learn from it attitude.

We checked in and placed our pumpkin derby car with the others.
We then checked out the festival where we saw a car show, crafts, and Taj played some games it was then race time.  

Taj's first race he lost.  Our car turned left. Hmmm...mental not to improve on for next year.  Second race he won but the axle broke. Hmmm...mental note, no wooden dowels next year definitely tie rods.  Third race his wheel came off due to the broken axel. His wheel beat the other car which had the crowd all laughing and cheering on the wheel. Taj took it in good spirits and said at least his wheel won.  We had a good time and will definitely do it again. Maybe 2 cars, one to win the trophy for design and the other for the race.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Anniversary Getaway

In July Todd and I celebrated our 13th anniversary. We have only spent two of our anniversaries in Iowa because typically we are on vacation then.  This year since we have no children in school we decided to wait for September for our big vacation and avoid the larger crowds.  We thought a mini vacation or getaway would be perfect to celebrate our anniversary so we went to Galena, Illinois.  Galena is around three hours from home.  It's a very historical town and when you go downtown there is such beauty with the old stores.

One of my friends goes there often so I asked for some recommendations where to stay. Todd researched the list and made our reservations at Le Fevre Inn and resort.  This resort was just five minutes from downtown but felt like you were far away from the town. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

We checked in and then went downtown for dinner.  We ate at Log Cabin Restaurant and the atmosphere was wonderful.

I had the best steak I have ever had. The restaurant was a steakhouse but had their own flair with a touch of Greek food and flavors.  Todd researched this place too prior to making reservations and knew exactly what our appetizer would be.  It was Flaming Saganski...OPPA!

After dinner we went back to the inn and Todd had a beautiful surprise for me.   He arranged with the inn keeper to have a romantic surprise.  I loved it.

We stayed for two nights.  The resort was so peaceful and relaxing.  We most definitely will stay again.


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

One and Seven...How Can That Be?

Late May, actually 2 days before Noah graduated the twins turned One.  Unfortunately I did not get to do anything to help for their first Birthday so much stress and unsure with the graduation took over.  Their party was the day after graduation on their Daddy's birthday.  It was thrown at a park and the weather was great.

They loved their cake.  Two weeks later our first grandchild had his Seventh birthday.  It was like yesterday his first Birthday took place. Time surely flies anymore.

Taj's party was at a trampoline center.  He had a few friends and family there. His uncles and Papa enjoyed jumping just as much as he and his friends did. They hid behind Papa (Todd) in the Dodgeball area.  I live the bond Taj has with his cousins and they adore him too.  


Monday, September 3, 2018

He Did It! Noah Graduated!

With all of the heartache and battles Noah graduated with his class this past May.  We did not know if he was going to actually graduate until 2 days before the ceremony but he has completed.
 Due to the short notice we did not have a party.
 My Mom was able to make it still.

 Joshua had bought his ticket months ago.  We were so worried it was bought for nothing.  Ethan was unable to get the time off work to go to the ceremony but he met us at the restaurant after he got off work.
Noah actually took me by surprise and moved to Pennsylvania in the middle of July. I am proud he graduated but I am not going to lie, I am very worried about him on his own and so far away on top of it.  He is so not ready but it is his life. This could be a good thing for him.
I think it may be a long time before I get another picture with all of my boys with one in Florida and another in Pennsylvania now.


Sunday, September 2, 2018

Our Super Hero Day Outing

In the midst of getting ready for our vacation we took Taj for an outing.
One we knew he would love.
We took him to the Marvel Universe Live and he loved it.

It reminded us of Sesame Street Live days...


Plans and Sunday's Song~ Clearly