Monday, May 31, 2010

Lessons of Grounding

I had to ground my youngest child because he was tardy to school 27 times. Yes, 27 times and these are the recorded tardy days. He had several more that the teacher gave him a break. As long as Noah made it to school before the attendance packet went down, the teacher counted him on time. ***sigh*** The school failed to notify until he had 22 tardy days. At 27 I had to have a mandatory meeting with principal and the school advocate. Now this is the first year that Noah is walking to school on his own, he is in 4th grade. It's a 20 minute walk and he leaves 30 minutes early, that tells me he is dilly dallying his way to school. His punishment at home is no computer or electronic games until school is out. IF he is late another day then he would lose it for some of the Summer. This was a long punishment, 6 weeks, but I knew this was were it would hurt.

The past 5 weeks, Noah has not had any access to the computer or the electronic games. My younger two children rarely play outdoors. My husband and I are constantly trying to get them out to play. With no electronics, Noah has learned that he is having a great time playing outdoors with neighborhood friends. He has learned he can have a lot of fun with his imagination. Wow...what a concept actually playing and imagining. ***HUGE SMILE*** How did our generation do it? We played without electronics, well for most of our years we did.

Noah has also found a girlfriend...well puppy love with one of the neighbor girls. It was so cute the day he brought home his first love letter from her. I love listening to the kids playing and giggling outdoors. He told me that he plans to continue to play outside even after he gets his privileges back. He also now has friends to walk to school and this is great because he is not walking alone and has not been late at all.

Picture below are the 3 musketeers. The tallest one in orange is Noah's little girlfriend. He told me the other day, she makes the best Kool-Aid he has ever tasted. It must be true puppy love.

Oh, for those of you who have seen pictures of our garden. The neighbor directly behind us with the pool...this is his little girlfriend's house. I believe Noah will have a great time swimming this year. I believe Noah has learned two valuable lessons...not to be late to school anymore and electronic games/computers are NOT everything. One can have fun through actually playing and imagination.


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