Sunday, June 13, 2010

With A Little Help From My Friends

Family and Friends have always meant the world to me. I'm one that can't just let go unless something BIG happens and I mean BIG. The past week I have had moments that I have thought a lot about the past and present. I have endured a lot, I'm not asking for sympathy nor praise, it's the path that has been laid down before me and is helping me become who I am. I have some good friends that blog and I love reading their adventures. These women are sincerely talented with their writing abilities. Yesterday one wrote about her Ya Yas. It touched me, Thank you! It also made me reflect again since I have some unanswered questions dealing with health at the moment.

Years ago, I would have thought I was such a weak woman. A coward. Now with help from my friends(my Ya Yas) I realize, I am stronger then I thought. I'm not Superwoman, nor am I perfect. I am sensitive, loving, caring, and dedicated woman. If I feel passionate about something, I feel sorry for the person that thinks they are going to stand in my way, because trust me, I will find away to get around you.

My circle of friends and true friends have never let me down. They are there to catch me, brace me, even carry me if needed, just as they know I will be there for them too. I love the Internet. It has been such a useful tool to keep in touch with friends I have moved away from, lost over the years, become closer to those that I knew of. These women's wisdom and advice has helped me more then they will ever know.

This little bleep on the Internet, my blog is a BIG THANK YOU. Thank you for being there when the storm clouds were dark. Thank you for not judging me when you came to help me pack and move out of my house with my 4 boys in just a matter of hours while Mike was at work. Thank you for giving space but still close enough to help if needed when he showed up on his break. Thank you for being there since Kindergarten, loving me every step of the way. Thank you for the support when my oldest spread his wings, oh how that hurt. Thank you for telling me over and over not to worry, worrying will not change anything. (IT TRULY SUNK IN. I WAS LISTENING) Thank you for helping me with my boys. Thank you for making me laugh when I truly needed it. Thank you for seeing in me, what I didn't. Thank your for not giving up on me.

Honestly, it sunk in. I'm not worrying over this. IT is was it is and I will prevail. I have my family and friends that will help me. Plus they will see, this time I am stronger. They also know I am a fighter. It's just another step on my journey of life and it is another reason why I appreciate my life.

Thank you for being there.

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