Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Feel Like A Dog Chasing My Tail

I had to re-post this blog from another blog site. This took place in 2008. I just couldn't pass it up. I look at it now and can laugh.

Emily...she wanted a dog so bad. She was told time after time "No."

Now if you truly know me you would know that I love animals. To be honest my first love used to be dogs and I hated cats. Now I live with cats and I love them too. This dog that Emily brought home back in April...he is such, well let's be honest he wasn't wanted here. Timing was all off.

End of April...
TODD to JOLENE: "I do NOT want a dog."
JOLENE to TODD: "Good, because I CAN NOT handle a puppy right now. They are way too much work and with the graduation and wedding, I do not have enough time for a puppy. I have enough 3 cats, and 5 kids and you to pick up after. I can not handle a puppy on top of it all."
EMILY to US: "Can he stay for 1 night; a week the tops."

Middle of May...
EMILY to US: "Ryan can't keep him at his house. He has too many people there right now because his father has cancer. Only until Aug.1st when Ryan gets his own place.
TODD to EMILY: "Only if you start taking care of him. He is pooping and peeing everywhere. You need to be responsible for this dog. You can't leave him here and go out we get stuck watching him. Oh and where is that flea collar I bought. Keep it on him."
TODD to JOLENE: "I promise he will not be here the week before Matt's Graduation and at the party. I told Emily."
JOLENE to TODD: "I can't take this. Messes everywhere. YOU promised ME!" (Middle of the week of Matthew's Graduation.) Thursday of Matthew's Graduation No Dog...oh but wait what do I see at the party....BOWE, the dog that was not supposed to be there.

June- The living room smells awful. It smells like a dog kennel. Piss every where. Crap left in the living room. Jolene no longer goes into the living room. Can't stand the smell of it any longer. Starts to stress...smell is awful, next month is the wedding at our house. Back up plan if raining is getting married in the living room. Oh God, please no rain.
EMILY to TODD: "I'm tired. He can wait to go out."
TODD to EMILY: "Get that Dog outside now. You need to be responsible Emily and start to clean up after him. I mean it, if it happens again, he's gone!"
TODD to JOLENE: "I promise he will be gone next month so we can prepare for the wedding. Hey, do you think the living room smells?"
JOLENE to TODD: (looking at him like WTF when he asked if it smelt) You promise? I told you I can't handle this right now Todd. It's way too much for me. I'm sick of cleaning up after him. I am sick of him climbing on the kitchen table I'm sick of him crapping in the neighbors yard. I am sick of him being too aggressive for the cats and Noah."
TODD to EMILY: "Emily clean up this mess from Bowe. I mean it, if it happens again the dog is gone! WHERE is his flea collar and collar I bought him?"

2nd week in JULY...NO improvement in smell only worse. Still messes from Bowe. He's bigger, more clumsy, and is becoming more aggressive in play. He doesn't listen well at all and shows anxiety. He is locked in Emily's room and left alone a lot while she takes off.
TODD to EMILY: "Seriously, clean up after him. I mean it. YOU are going to make me kick him out of here."
EMILY to TODD: "You are so stupid and mean. He's just a puppy."
TODD to JOLENE: "I promise the week before the wedding he will be gone that week."
JOLENE to TODD: "I told you back in April, I can not take a puppy right now! He is out of control. Why does everyone think this dog is so good. The boys and I have to hear him howl and run into the door all night long unless we take him out and then we have to watch him to make sure he doesn't pee or poop any where. YOU PROMISED ME!:

Week of the Wedding:
EMILY to TODD: "I promise I will pick up after him. You never believe in me."
TODD to EMILY: "OK, I will believe you. You have to be responsible for him. Keep a better eye on him and keep him with you. We need to get things ready for the wedding. He will have to go some where though Thursday through the wedding."
Todd calls Jolene while he's at the bank, TODD to JOLENE: "I have to give her another chance to show I believe in her. I don't want to think I don't believe in her. She promised me this time. He will go on Thursday."
Jolene is fuming...steam coming out of her ears, yet she bottles it all in. Todd knows she is not happy.
Jolene gets home while on phone to Todd. JOLENE to TODD: "This is NOT going to work. It's been 20 minutes since you were promised and there is 3 yes 3 not 1 large pile of dog shit right on the new carpet you laid in vain since he likes to shit and piss on that spot a lot!"
TODD to EMILY: "Emily get down her NOW! What is this?"
EMILY to TODD: "Oh that's not bad." cleans up the 3 piles.
JOLENE to EMILY: "Don't forget the wall where he has a chunk of shit on it."
Later that night Todd wanted to snuggle and take a nap before he went to work, only to hear Jolene melt down and cry and remind him of all his broken promises and how the dog is still there. How there is no respect at all in this house with the dog, even the dog deserves better.
Later that night while Todd is at work Kera comes in and talks Jolene's ear off. She does this often and Jolene doesn't mind. She enjoys Kera. Kera asked her if she is stressed from the wedding. Jolene doesn't want her to know her entire feelings because she doesn't want to make the girls against her right before the wedding. She tells Kera that it's so hard trying to get things ready for the wedding when Bowe keeps messing everything up. How she was promised the dog would be gone this week for the wedding, so we can move on and make progress.

Tuesday Todd calls Jolene while she is on her way home.
TODD to JOLENE: "I have a nice surprise. The dog is gone. Kera went to her Mom's and took the dog."
Jolene was so happy. Later that night while snuggling she told Todd she was going to call off the wedding if the dog was there still by Thursday because she was tired of broken promises that she should be first some times.

Wednesday Todd calls Jolene while she is on her way home.
TODD to JOLENE: " Ummm....Emily's home and so is Bowe."
Jolene loses it again.
Todd calls ex wife when Jolene gets home, ask her if Emily ever asked her like she said she did about the dog being with her from Thursday until after the wedding. He explains how we have battled her with this. Ex wife says no Emily never said anything and she understands and says it is fine. She calls Emily. Emily calls us and ask Todd for his car very angrily so she can take Bowe to her Mom's. Sigh Bowe is gone.

Thursday...kennel smell removed from the living room from what Jolene bought. It worked. Jolene thanked God.

July 31...arrive home after vacation. Emily, Matthew, and Kera stayed home to work. Bowe is back.

August 1st
EMILY to US: "Ummm Bowe caught some fleas from Mom's. It's not bad. Ryan will bathe him if you buy the flea shampoo."
Todd and Jolene pick up flea shampoo. Take it to Ryan's. Ryan explains to Todd...Oh it's bad. He is loaded with fleas. He had bathed Bowe 2 times and there's several more on him still.
Todd tells Jolene the bad news. Jolene is thinking great....we have 4 cats at home, two are not declawed at all and 2 have the hind claws.
Later that night Todd tells Emily she has to clean her room so we can bomb the house.

Next day, Bowe is back. Bowe is not allowed at Ryan's house (which Ryan is the rightful owner of Bowe) until they bomb their house first. Week later no cleaning and then we are told Bowe can't go to Ryan's until they get the outside kennel put together.
TODD to EMILY: "Your room needs cleaned. You have to wash your laundry. Your room is infested with fleas. The dog has to be gone by the first day of school."

2nd week of August
EMILY to TODD: "Ryan isn't getting his own place now. His parents said he can keep the dog there but they have to put the outside kennel still.
NEIGHBOR to TODD AND JOLENE: "We are sick of picking up dog crap out of our yard when we don't own a dog. Will you please have your daughter pick up the crap out of our yard.

August 16th
Dog is gone. Room has not been touched.

September 3rd
Jolene is holding Millie, Kera's kitten. Millie the past two days has had to have time out in Emily/Kera's room to leave the other cats alone. She constantly is on them and they need a break. Jolene is playing with Millie on her bed. She sees 3 fleas and gets rid of them. Wait, Jolene just saw 2 fleas jump off...WTF 3 more fleas she can't get. She realizes the eggs from Bowes fleas have hatched in Emily's room. Millie was in Emily's room for time she has fleas! She calls Todd at work and tells him. Something needs to be done now.

Todd tells the girls they have to clean rooms. Emily you have to wash your clothes. This needs to be done before Friday morning. Kera listens and does what she is told. Emily doesn't as usual, Todd takes the clothes in 5 laundry baskets, 2 of them are really hampers and places them on the porch. All of these clothing have been dirty for months. Bowe has crapped on some of them and peed on some of them now they are infeasted with fleas too.We bomb the house, we put Hartz flea stuff on the cats.

Next day...fleas are just as active.

Next day (Sunday the 7th) Emily was told the day before she had to do her laundry and clean her room. Sick of the mess and need to take care of the fleas still. Todd is at his limits with her. Emily sat for 4 hours doing nothing then went to work. Todd is very angry now.

Monday: Todd and Emily get in a huge argument. Emily tells him he is stupid and an idot. Todd tells her he is sick of everyone and everything else coming before him. Both said some mean things to one another hurting one anothers feelings. For now Emily is not living at home here but with her Mom. Todd says she can't come back until there are changes.

So now this weekend Jolene is a dog chasing her tail. She is having to now (With Todd) wash all 4 cats, then comb the fleas out, then applying Frontline because we have been told this is the only thing that will work. Then we have to bomb the house and she will have to rewash all of the bedding again...well her's and the boys. The girls can do their own. It's their pets that has done this. All the while Emily still hasn't laid one pinky to this mess she has created with a puppy that was only to be her for one night.



  1. I have to ask... What happened to the dog after that? This is hysterical, btw. I love reading your writing.

  2. Ryan's neighbor kept him. This way Emily can see Bowe still whenever she wants to.

  3. BTW...I enjoy reading yours.


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