Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh, How I Hate the Age of Thirteen.

I'm starting to enjoy my late mornings on the weekends lately while Todd is sleeping. I used to hate it. I was always so lonely because the boys were off doing things and all I was left to do was clean up after everyone. However since the weather became warmer, and the fact that our porch is the coolest room in the house at this time, I enjoy just sitting and listening to the birds and children playing outdoors and sometimes reflect out in my favorite room.

We have a bird feeder right outside one of the windows. While I sat just enjoying quiet time I saw a Robin fly up. He was a young bird still, possibly one of our baby birds. He was still a little small but on the top of his head he still had some of that baby fur. He sort of reminded me of Ethan's stage right now. You know the trying to be a teenager, yet still acting a lot like a kid. Thirteen, how I dread the age of thirteen. Each of my boys so far have shown that this age is probably the worst age.

Junior High can be brutal and when you add a child who is developing and trying to manage hormones on top of it, you have some not so fun time. Ethan, my cuddly and sensitive child has turned into this early teen that is having a difficult time. He so far is having more problems with friends then the first two did. He is at the age that I enjoy his dry sense of humor, so far all of the boys have that same humor. However, Ethan is frowning more then he is smiling any more. He has developed this chip on his shoulders thinking he knows it all. Have I mentioned yet how much I hate the age of thirteen?

He has grown so much within the past year and is now about 2-3 inches taller then I am and I believe almost as tall as his 17 year old brother Joshua. He feels he can bully Noah and still pick on Joshua, but when Joshua retaliates, he comes running and tattling. He is starting to withdraw sometimes and just doesn't think before he does something stupid. He doesn't realize he is much stronger then he was before and will be too rough with younger children in the neighborhood as well as Noah. This coming from my child that loved playing with younger children. I truly hate the age of thirteen!

He is developing a sharp tongue and has no problems lashing it out at others sometimes saying very hurtful things. This coming from my child that would rarely stand up for his self. He is in that awkward stage as the younger Robin I saw this past weekend. I know within time, as long as I am consistent with him, Ethan will out grow this stage, such as the little Robin with the tuft of baby fuzz on his head. Until then, I will do my best to try to tolerate this thirteen year old alien, where I will battle with him occasionally after he gets his hormones under control until then I will miss my sweet caring, cuddly, sensitive Ethan who is showing me why I hate the age of thirteen.

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