Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Moans

This weeks Monday Moans may be a let down, I have been truly looking at the positives all week long that I have overlooked things that may have bugged me typically. I do have a few though.

MMMOOOOOOOAAAAN for the humidity. I am so wanting the central air to be fixed. I love you husband, but quit procrastinating and call to get estimates. MMMOOOOOOOAAAAN the man's middle name is procrastination. He has been very busy with the new communication center and I am so happy that he is feeling this satisfaction in his job once again, but please...I know I'm losing weight now from sweating, not by worrying but by perspiring and what woman wants to sweat?!

This MMMOOOOOOOAAAAN for the way my oldest plans things with their Father and expecting me to drop what I have planned. This will always be a sore spot with me. I will work my best to make sure he has time, but if you wait the day of and I do have plans, don't get upset with me if nothing was told to me in advance. I may re-arrange most of my plans but there are times that I simply can't or won't and you have to accept that if you are going to procrastinate by informing me. What is this? I see a pattern in the men I love.

Here's a MMMOOOOOOOAAAAN for driver's ed being completely full and not getting Joshua into a class until October. I'm so ready for this kid to take his self places, he to procrastinates and plans to go somewhere without giving me much notice, however he has learned, I will not rush around if I am not told in advance...see some men are trainable. I am working hard on that for all 4 boys.

Here is a big MMMOOOOOOOAAAAN for the GI office people calling me on Friday to inform me that the test results are all in, yet they can't inform me over the phone, I will have to wait for my Monday appointment. Well then, why tell me you have the results? Why not just say, I am calling to remind you of your 8:15 appointment on Monday with Dr. Kessler? Then you won't get someone worked up for nothing. Truthfully, I was a little concerned, who wouldn't be, it's only human. However when you receive a call and they say they can't say, you have to be there in person, only makes you think that it is the worse, so I did stress out a little more over the weekend...the warm humid weekend.

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