Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things I have learned as a Mother of a Teen.

1. It doesn’t matter how much you compliment him, once he is being disciplined, all you will hear is how you never appreciate him.
2. It doesn’t matter if he knows he is breaking the rule and willing to take it (the punishment), when it comes time to pay for the consequences it’s never fair.
3. Because he is a good kid, he thinks that he should be able to get away with being disobedient. Definition of good kid: Not into drugs, stealing, trying hard at school, or drinking.
4. Never share your feelings about an old girlfriend. They will probably make up and get back together again.
5. He will say mean and hurtful things to you whenever he is the tiniest upset. Everything is magnitude at that time he is hurting about a girl he is or was interested in.
6. If you are divorced and Father rarely sees him or cancels most of the visitations, he will forgive him and he is the greatest Father. If you can’t make one of their events due to prior commitment, then you don’t love him.
7. Your child will be possessd with some sort of demon, he could be as sweet as pie one minute and then a sour apple the next. You never know what you are going to get. Sometimes, you will swear that you can even see the head spinning, and you may.
8. Thirteen will be most likely your roughest year. I think they rarely smile at this age.
9. Try not to take their hurtful words to heart, eventually when he is in his early 20’s your relationship will thrive once again.

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