Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vacation 2009


My boys and I really didn't vacation that often before moving in with Todd. Their Father and I took Matthew to the Omaha Zoo once and then we took all 4 boys to Minneapolis/St Paul for one weekend when Noah was 18 months. We did some tent camping the Summer before I left their Father. That was about the extent of our vacationing while married the entire 15 years. We just never budgeted or couldn't budget for a vacation. I told myself after I left with the boys, that I would try to at least go camping every Summer, I wanted to create those fun Summer memories.

Since living with Todd we have been to the Wisconsin Dells, camping at Back Bone Park, Chicago, Chicago Six Flags 2 times, Milwaukee, and we rented a house off of a lake for a week in Minnesota. This year we told everyone that we couldn't do much of a vacation for a couple of reasons, one Todd's employment has created a new communication center and it opens up July 1 and none of the dispatchers will be able to take time off the first 6 months. The next reason why we couldn't do this is because we had to replace the furnace last November and we now have to replace the Central Air unit. We told everyone that we will go camping for the weekend in August at one of the State Parks. This is something we told them at the beginning of the year.

Summer is nearly here and one evening at dinner little Noah says, "So where are we going for vacation this year?" My heart sunk. I love the fact that he is having this opportunity for vacations, that his brothers didn't have when they were his age. I explained the same thing that we told them in January, he just sighed and said o.k. We then talked about our favorite vacation. I knew what was Todd's and Mine was as well as Joshua's and Kera's were but I was surprised both Ethan and Noah had the same answer, our favorite vacation was last Summer's the week on the lake.

Todd surprised me on Saturday he told me that he wants to go to Wisconsin Dells in 2 weeks when he has the weekend off. He wanted to do something fun with the boys and I. I think he is worried with the outcome of the test that are being done and wanted to create another fun memory with the boys. This is one of the reasons I love him so. They are so excited and were surprised. It will be only 1 night but two fun days. Emily will be able to make it with us, but unfortunately Matthew has plans and Kera has school. We are in hopes next Summer we will be able to vacation another week in a house off of a lake.

Here are some pictures from our favorite vacation in Minnesota.

The back of the house we rented for the week.
Ours is the house on the left side of the picture.

Some of our children on our pier, right after we arrived.

Our Scenery
Pictures taken from our backyard or off our deck.

The kids did a lot of this. They lived on the water that week.

We rented a pontoon boat and went tubing on a lake in town.

We played games.

Even more tubing
The neighbor took us out and we went tubing on our lake.

We did some fishing.

Pictures of some wild life on the lake.
Blue Heron at the end of our pier after we woke up the first morning there.

Sea Gull

Woodpecker off our pier

Not so wild life, this was our neighbor's cat.


A family of ducks


Minnesota Zoo

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