Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome Summer

Last Friday Noah had his "Welcome Summer" Party. I had planned to make this such a big deal for him. Originally he wanted this on June 30th because we are suppose to have meteor shower. He was in hopes he would be able to see some with friends. Since the 30th is on a work night, we scheduled it for Saturday the 26th. I planned on using some Hawaiian decorations that I had and buy grass skirts for his friends.

Todd wanted to do something as a family, with not knowing what kind of Summer we were going to have with his job and possible health issues for me, that he planned for a weekend vacation in Wisconsin Dells. The exact same weekend of Noah's party since this will be his last weekend off until the middle of August. Noah was a little disappointed, so I thought why not have your party on Friday instead.

I didn't have time to get everything I wanted. We didn't decorate and since Noah wasn't sure how many kids he was planning to invite, I chose to ignore the grass skirts. I told him his party had to end at 10 pm since I will need to get to bed to get rest because I will be the one driving. Todd had to work and was able to get off at 3 am giving him only 2 hours to sleep.

We had a little cook out, they played Crockett and badminton. We attempted a bonfire, but the wood refused to cooperate and the time was getting later then I wanted.

At 10 I told everyone 15 more minutes then we will have to shut the party down since we will be going out of town tomorrow early morning. Noah and his friends had a great time. He kept talking my ear off after everyone left, saying what each child had told him. He gave me a huge hug and with a warm smile, "Thanks Mom for letting me have my Welcome Summer party." The next day, I told him we can do it again, next time we will get the bon fire going. He once again had a huge warm smile and said that sounds fun.

If only 13 year old were this easy to please. Awh...I do love my boys.

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