Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Wizzard of Oz

Iowa City, City High's Spring Musical was "The Wizard of Oz" this year. Joshua had tried out for the part of the Scarecrow or the Lion but did not get it. He did have a line that required him a script this year. He was one of the Apple Trees (Apple Tree #3)

He also had several other minor rolls, He was one of the Ozians.

(Joshua is in the center, in front of the yellow brick road.)

He was also one of the Winkies (Witch's guardsmen)

(Joshua is the Winkie with the yellow lightening bolt on the front of the uniform.)

I have never seen a high school production with so many details and special effects. They had 4 showings, Thursday night and Saturday Matinee nearly sold out and Friday and Saturday nights were sold out with standing room only. They had to turn people away from the doors both Friday and Saturday night. It was the buzz around town and well deserved. The beginning of the production the cast wore shades of gray, black, browns, and white to give the black and white impression like the movie.
There was a screen towards the back of the stage that they projected a farm scene and the storm clouds rolled in and it looked like an actual tornado was touching down in the background. The house was on wheels and the stage hands came out dressed in black and turned the house as if it was spinning.

Once in Oz the actors/actresses were in bright colors and the props were just as colorful. Glenda the Good Witch was dangling above the stage in an acrobat hoop.

The Wicked Witch actually flew onto stage making the audience gasp with excitement.

The Wicked Witch captivated the audience with her special effects one more time when it was the scene where she threw fire at the Scarecrow. Her broomstick shot flames from the end of it towards the Scarecrow to play with fire. Perfect timing the Scarecrow had a puff of fire appear near his arm and he quickly put the fire out. The Flying Monkeys really flew.

The Powerful Oz was a head projected onto the screen. There was plenty of singing and dancing. All the instrumental was live, the City High Orchestra played behind the set. They had several children playing the roles of the Munchkins.

Our family had a great time at the show. I'm so proud of Joshua and all of his friends. I love the fact that he is creating such wonderful memories and good times in high school. These years fly by and he will always have this experience as well as last year's "Evita" to look back on.

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