Saturday, August 7, 2010

Drama Friday...ERRRRR

What a crazy evening Friday night was! It was suppose to be a beginning of a mini vacation, one that would be relaxing. Friday night we met with family because our nephew is moving to Las Vegas. I can not believe how one of the girls is so jealous of everything as if she is going to do without. When she was suppose to move to Florida last September we had a family gathering for her too, however the week before the actual gathering her moving plans were on hold until later. We still are waiting and was told that night that she was not sure if she wanted to make the move or not now. I just wish she would figure out what she does want and stick to it. It is time for her to become responsible once again.

While we were at said dinner, I felt attacked by an Aunt and Uncle to one of the boys. They love to tease however, they also don't know when to quit when they have gone to far and it always ends up in some fight and then drama. This night was no different, only thing was I was the "one" this time. They went on how my son should be able to use minutes on my cell plan. Now, none of this is their business. Prior to him losing his phone for the third time in the wash, he would use more minutes then he was suppose to and this would cost me any where between $50-$110 more a month. When my son got his new phone I made it clear, since we were adding unlimited text, his suggest so he would not use any minutes, that he is not suppose to use any. The first month alone he used more then Todd and I combined. I was furious that he did this. Now, now, do not judge me. I have other bills right now that I can not afford to go over in minutes when I just added $30 to my bill as is. I have over $800 known at this time for my medical procedures done in June. I have to register 3 boys for school and get supplies as well as clothing. I have to pay for Driver's Ed for said child that is using the minutes and it is his Senior year so there are so many other extra costs. This Aunt and Uncle do not pay my bills so they have no right to put their two cents worth in regardless if they are teasing or not. Now the Aunt realized it was creating tension at the table between my son and I and she said she is sorry and did not want this she was just joking, yet they continued. They moved from the cell phone minutes to how I am too strict on him and give him no freedom. How he is going to be a Senior and should stay out when he wants to. What? He is in freaking school still. He is still a minor and I am accountable for him still. He is my dependent, my child! How dare they judge me, I have never judged them on their parent skills. What gives them the right? I ended up blowing up at the Uncle and saying some very mean things. I told him I was sorry as soon as they came out and told them that they have no right to judge me and then turned to my husband and told him I was ready to go for the walk inside the place and check it out now. (He suggested this once he came back from the restroom.)

When it came time to leave, there was a huge fight between people. I guess one of my step daughters carried it on to the Grandmother asking her to put her two cents in about my parenting and when she did not hear what she wanted this made her mad. Grandma answered diplomatic and said how she felt, yes not tactful but she is what she is.

What a mess. The jacuzzi tub was exactly what I needed when we got back to our hotel room. What a freaking mess it was.

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