Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer 2010

Summer is nearly over and Fall is just around the corner. Although this Summer was disappointing compared to Summers past, I did have some great times. Here is a highlight of the good times.

I may not have been able to view all of my lilies I planted due to bunny rabbits eating them, I did have plenty to enjoy this year.

My front yard landscaping began.

I was not able to play any sand volleyball games this year, but I did enjoy watching the Hoo Hoo's play.

(All the regular players minus Susan.)

We had a weekend family vacation this year in Wisconsin Dells. We stayed at hotel Rome and had two days at Mt. Olympus.

This was the first Summer that Noah played outdoors as a kid should. I loved listening to his giggles outdoors and watching him play. He was outside more this Summer then he has ever been.

Todd and I had a few weekend away. Our first was in Chicago during the month of May. We visited the Garfield Conservatory.

Hotel Isle Capri in Bettendorf. We had two stays there. One included Ethan and Noah as well.

Another trip to Chicago to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary.

I very much enjoyed Emily while she was around. She was very pleasant and into family once again. I missed this Emily. I also enjoyed seeing Matthew more this Summer as well. It was nice to see him daily for a few weeks, hopefully he will visit more often since he has moved back to our city. I am in hopes that we will be able to put Todd's hammock together to enjoy maybe one day of resting before it gets too cold. I also hope that once it cools down some, Todd and I will be enjoying our porch as we have every other Summer since we finished it.

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  1. :) So very glad that you are sharing your blessed life with us.


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