Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dance Dance Dance

I did it! We did it! Tonight was the first time we were able to go back to our dance lessons since May 2009. It felt great! I could tell Todd was frustrated at times because we were so rusty, but that was exactly what I expected. We had a good time again. I love looking into his eyes while we dance and we are in a grove. It feels like we are floating when we are in sync with one another. I love how he takes his upper teeth and plays with part of his goat tee when he is concentrating on what move he wants us to do next or just to make sure we have the correct beat. I rely on him because I am too busy thinking about the feet I lose track of the beat. I know he gets a little frustrated but he does not show it a lot. He did a great job of leading tonight. He did a much better job with giving signals as to what we doing and moves this time. When he keeps his form, I can read his body language better and I do not have to assume what we are going to do. He did a great job tonight with the form.

I have to admit, while we were driving there I was getting sick to my stomach out of fear. I was so excited but so terrified that my knee would not cooperate with me. I can not tell you how happy I am that I made it through. I felt only a twinge at one dance step and that was when we were doing a side step with the Waltz. I am thankful to God that if I had to have one of the knees acting up and bad right now, that it is the left knee. If it were the right knee I do not know if I could do this. When dancing, women start with the right foot and this is also the foot you turn on.

First dance...Fox Trot. It was great to have a review and be retaught the promenade. This was one we forgot and we were wanting to know how to do again. Next dance...one of Todd's favorite, the Rumba. I was pleasantly surprised how much we remembered. We actually were doing the box step before our instructor reviewed it. It took some work for us (well me) to get the walk through turn but we did it.

After the Rumba was the Waltz. This is one that we love to watch and want to learn but we are horrible at. I do not know what it is about the Waltz that is so difficult for us to get. We struggled with it during Class 1 and Class 2 back in early 2009. However there was about two minutes tonight that I think we actually got it. We were doing a lot of turns and I felt like we were on top of a music box because I felt like we were actually gliding during those short minutes, but then the music stopped and with the next music we lost it again. Some how we have to get over this mental block and be able to actually dance this beautiful dance.

The last dance we did was the 4 count swing. I love this one. It is a little bit of the hustle and we did excellent with this one. It is the one that we are most comfortable with and Todd does a little showing off with this one. I love how he makes me laugh and I am pretty sure he loves to make me laugh too.

When we walked away tonight, I was wet from sweat. There were times Todd and I had to let go of our hold because our hands were so wet from not just us working out with dancing but the humidity in the room. Although it was very hot and I was very sweaty, I loved this time with him. We tell one another a lot that we are going to practice, this time I hope we do follow through and do practice. I felt a huge relief that I am able to dance again. I know it is something he has been missing as well and he has never complained one bit that we have not been able to continue. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful supportive spouse.

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