Saturday, September 11, 2010

In Remembrance 9/11

Wow, has it really been 9 years? 9/11 a day that most Americans will never forget is probably ranked right up there with the day the first man walked on the moon or the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I can remember that day so vividly. Matthew was in 7th grade and at school already. Joshua was in 3rd grade and I was just dropping him off at the elementary school when I heard over the radio about the first plane flying into the World Trade Center. No one at that time even realized it was the beginning for a horrific morning. Shortly after I arrived home with Ethan and Noah, I turned on the television to one of the local stations. It was just in a matter of seconds that the second plane flew into the other tower. I could not believe my eyes. Did I see this correctly, another plane hitting another building? It did not register with me at first. My first impression: Was this second accident from gawking, like we see on the road where a horrible accident has taken place? I know a very stupid thought and it was a short lived thought because why would another plane fly so close just to gawk? My second thought: What is going on? This is where all of our innocence was taken away regarding terrorism in the United States. My best friend at the time called me and we talked on the phone over what was going on in New York City, then the Pentagon was hit after that all flights were grounded and those in the sky were ordered to make an emergency landing to the airport they were closest to. It was also announced that Flight 93 was missing in the air.

I had to go to drop Ethan off for preschool so I let Mary go. I was very much a Mom’s taxi service that year with children going to 3 different schools, with 3 different start times, and 3 different ending of the day time. I remember that drive to Ethan’s school. My heart was beating so fast when I heard a plane fly over the school’s parking lot as low as it was. Now, I knew the airport was very close but I had this sickening feeling from the prior events. I wanted to rush home and keep Ethan home with me and not leave my baby in school so close to an airport, but I had to put my faith in God and be a good Mother and not freak my child out whenever something bad happens in life. As soon as I arrived home my phone rang, it was Mary again. We were on the phone for hours that day and holding our child that was home with us. We cried some together out of sorrow for the lives lost, for the bravery for the Flight 93 that crashed in the fields in Pennsylvania. We cried for those who escaped and were covered with debris after the towers collapsed. We also cried out when we saw images of people jumping from windows choosing this type of death compared to burning. The Military would be patrolling our skies and any airplane in flight was subject to be shot down. We both could hear the Military planes fly more frequent that day from our home.

I remember wanting to go pick up my children and keep them home with me that day but it was important not to interrupt their routine I thought. Later that afternoon when I had all the boys home, the older two kept asking all kinds of question. Both boys had learned of the events at school some of the teachers had the televisions on during the school day. I could not answer many of their questions because we as a Nation were asking the same questions. That night I had to go to work although I really wanted to stay home as a family. It was a solemn night and we did not have much work since flights were grounded. The only checks that were coming in for us to process were those delivered strictly by ground. It also meant that whatever we did process was staying at our center since there were no flights to take it to the Federal Reserve or other centers. This was the way of our work life for two days.

Boy has our lives changed in so many ways since that day; terrorist alerts, tourist attractions, large assembly, troops deployed to flight over seas, and flying to mention a few. I believe in several ways our country thought that this type of terror could never happen to us. Today we hear how some buildings have been constructed on Ground Zero as they referred to it that day. There has been much controversy over building another high rise building as they have planned. Some feel if we did not then we would let terrorist get the best of us. I personally do not believe this is the image we would be sending. I personally think we should not have built any buildings on Ground Zero. Let it become a park with lush green grass and trees or plant life for every lost life there. A couple of monuments in remembrance of that day. A beautiful peaceful memorial site would only be fitting for such a tragic day. I believe this would state to the terrorism that we have so much love for our own and respect.

Still today, 9 years later, my heart goes out to the families and friends who lost someone that they knew and cared for that day. My thoughts and prayers go to them today to help embrace them as they watch or listen to some sort of media reflect about that day. I am sure next year will be a big one since it will be a decade since the horrible event. Posted below are some images that I found on the Internet regarding that horrifying day. None of the images I took myself.

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