Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Official!!!

Up to 4 months ago, I have ran the phone reports for my supervisor. I have watched our number of calls go down. Last year the company chose to get out of the TPA (Third Party Administration) of medical claims. We have lost over 3000 calls a week from getting rid of the self funded. Last month the company announced they are selling the FSA part of their business. The end of this year we will lose another 3000 calls per week. We are definitely over staffed. We have 18 reps and 2 supervisors, this is way too many staff for the calls that we are having come in. Another product that we support was Dependent Audit. With Healthcare Reform, this will be gone within 2-3 years. Down sizing has been in my mind for over a year.

Last week they had everyone of us who are specialized create a check list of what we do, just in case someone who has never performed this job can pick up the check list and do what we do. Hmmm...I think they are preparing.

Today, one of the supervisor has one of my friends (co-worker who sits right next to me.) working on a project. She has her figuring out how many calls per month we take for each client and to find the percentage to put in place to try to project how many calls we will have next year. They are trying to figure out how many reps they actually need. She even mentioned that the supervisors are now concerned even about their own positions.

I'm sick to my stomach and my head hurts. I know this has been a concern but to hear it out loud makes it more real. I have been without a job for nearly 6 months and it was so hard to find another job. Now with the economy the way it is, it will mean that many more people applying for the same job. UGH! I know they will give us 2 weeks severance for every year, depending when the cut backs are, I will have either 10 or 12 weeks before going on un-employment if I am one. I have no idea what severance is, I have never been in this position before. If one is on severance and finds a job, will their severance end? Todd wants me not to worry. He reminded me that un-employment is nearly 2 years now because of all the changes. I just remember how stressful it was being without a job before. O.K. things are different in this situation, I would be getting something coming in, unlike when I was fired. I also have a spouse that will help with expenses.


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  1. Wow. No good comes from being right, huh? I don't know if you should worry about being laid off, if you're doing as much as you say. It's more likely (unless they are also looking to cut seniority pay and benefits) that they'll keep the really good workers and grind them into the ground. Certainly not a more pleasant outlook, though.

    I really, really, really hope another job comes through for you.


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