Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leaps and Bounds...leaps and bounds

I'm going to be 44 this December but I feel more like a senior Senior Citizen. My body is screaming at me that it's had enough! I am starting to put myself first but they have been baby steps, now with recent realization I need to do this in leaps and bounds.

This year my health I feel has just been awful. May began the issues with bleeding. I still have it from time to time but I know not to worry unless it is 15 days straight. In December/January I was having episodes where I felt dizzy, my heart was raising, and I would get the shakes. I felt funny. They were always related when my step daughter stressed me to the max. One episode I was at work and started to think about our newest clash. I chose to go to one of our First Responders to have my blood pressure checked. Typically I have low blood pressure 114 over something. That day it was 188 over something. I had to leave work and see a doctor that day. When they let me out of the office it was 176 over something. He told me that he felt it was stress related. I was also having pain in my left shoulder and arm. He told me if it happened again then make an appointment and we would do a stress test. I never had the pain again.

In May when I was seeing all these specialist and test, my blood pressure was 144 over something, we just thought it was be being very nervous. Occasionally my feet feel swollen and hurt,Sometimes my ankles too, my socks leave marks on me. On Thursday I was trained at work to be on the First Responders team and I am now certified for the next 2 years. While we were in training we also learned to use blood pressure cups. I was very relaxed that day. When mine was being taken, it read 142 over something. The guy asked me if I normally have high blood pressure. I told him it appears that I have the past few times.

Yesterday, my feet felt full again, so did my hands. My Mother's ring was hurting my finger and I could not even get it off without assistance of cold water. It was starting to cut off circulation. I started to Google blood pressure. I believe I may have stage 1 high blood pressure. I see a lot of the symptoms. I plan to make an appointment for a physical with my doctor on Monday, it's been over 3 years since I had one. Meanwhile, I plan to watch sodium and try the diet that they put people on high blood pressure. I read that they also start people on water pills to see if that will be enough, I plan to start that as well.

It's time that I look at the whole picture. I want to enjoy my life, not be in pain. The time is not to take baby steps to take care of Jolene but leaps and bounds. I know I need to make sure I have the opportunity to sleep at least 6 hours every night. I have been running on a lot less. Time to take care of me, so I can keep taking care of those I love. No one can do this but me. No more excuses. The time is Now.

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