Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random Memory...Life Lesson

I just finished my shower and reached for my toothbrush to brush me teeth. Next to my toothbrush is a tube of conditioner from the hair dye kit. I just started laughing. It brought a flashback moment in my life that I knew I had to post for the boys.

It was 1990 and Matthew was less then 3 months old. He was a very good baby except for sleeping. This baby wanted to be awake more then sleep. I could not get anything done let alone sleep myself. I was exhausted being a first time Mother and all. One morning I went to brush me teeth, again I want to stress how I was so EXHAUSTED, I reached for the tube of toothpaste, squeezed it on to my toothbrush and started brushing, I made one swipe across the front of my teeth and opened my mouth to get the top molars, then it hit me. It was such an awful, oily tastes. WHAT??????? What did I do? This was not toothpaste I was brushing my teeth with. I quickly opened the drawer and yep right next to the toothpaste was a tube of Desitin, the same exact size of the toothpaste. Oh the sheer groosness, I quickly put my toothbrush under very HOT water but the oil would not come off. I took some paper towels and wiped my teeth off as much as I could. The next thing I did was gross however I had no alternative action. I picked up Mike's toothbrush and brushed me teeth. I brushed them at least 4 times to get all the oil off my teeth and the taste out of my mouth. I then threw his toothbrush away as well.

Lesson Learned...never keep anything in a tube the size of toothpaste near one another, you never know.

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