Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random Thoughts About My Boys...first day of school.

It is so hard to believe that they are the ages they are anymore.

First Days of School...

Matthew is seems like yesterday when I took him to Kindergarten for the first time. He was a little nervous but anxious at the same time. He asked for me not to kiss him in front of anyone. He did not want anyone to think he was a baby. NOW, he is in his 3rd year of college. We moved him into the dorm for the first time. His first two years he moved into an apartment near the community college. This year he has transferred to the University of Iowa. He loves dorm life. I think EVERY person should experience this type of life at least 1 year while they are in college. You get the true feeling of college life while living in the dorm. Matthew has never been into school spirit, but something is changing in my oldest child, he is active with campus and has such spirit. He just participated with the Fry Fest, largest Hockey Pockey, breaking the world record. They had over 7 thousand people participating, the old record was 4 thousand and 4 hundred something.

Joshua is 17...his Senior year. Wow, I can't believe I am going to have another child graduating from High School so soon. His first day of school in Kindergarten was nothing but excitement, he was my first to go all day too. No fear at all, he wanted to be like his big brother and go to school and then rush home to play with Ethan as soon as he was home. Biggest difference with this child, is he gave me a kiss. He kissed me every time I dropped him off up to this year. He always leaned over and said "Bye Mom, I love you" and then a kiss. This year he hasn't but then again, this year he is starting earlier. I don't think he is quiet awake when I drop him off.

Ethan is in the heck!!! When did this child grow up so fast? This is the one that is blowing me away. He's not my baby nor my oldest but it seems like Ethan's years have just flown by. This past Summer he has grown so much. He is a lot taller then I am now. He is only an inch shorter then Joshua, who is barely taller then Matthew. He is in 8th grade this year, his last year before High School. His first day in Kindergarten, he wanted me to stay. He had been in an all day kindergarten. He was also excited to go to school with Joshua, but he wanted me to stay because his cousin Carlos was not in his class this time. My sister Amy and I did this on purpose. However the second day of school he was off with his bright sweet smile.

Noah is 10. Yes, my baby is in 5th grade. He acts so much younger that this one I am not sad at his age yet. I love how he is playing outdoors still with his friends. Next year may be a little harder for me with him, it will be his last year in elementary. His first day of school, he was nearly shoving me out the door. LOL He wanted to be in school for at least 2 years prior, so when it was his time he was not going to have Mom there with him. None of his brothers had Mom in their class from his knowledge. It is funny. I was not sad at all with him going to school. How could I? I have read that the last one is usually your hardest but when I looked at him while we stood in line for his teacher, he was so bubbly. He was glowing from the anticipation of walking through the doors as a Kindergartner. He could barely sleep the night before from sheer excitement. After watching this and hearing his little giggles from excitement on the way, how can anyone be sad? I was so thrilled for him. He was getting to go to school, exactly what he had been wanting AND he was so happy. Funny thing is, he is also my only one who wanted to quit school. After a week of Kindergarten, he told the teacher this is boring, I want to quit. The next day, (I leave for work before the elementary kids go off to school. Todd is in his room winding down if the boys need him, since he just arrived home from work. He works the third shift.) Ethan left with out him. Noah refused to go and for some odd reason Ethan did not go to Todd. I get a call from the school asking me where Noah is and telling me what he told the teacher the day prior. I called home and asked Todd if Noah was home, he answered that he heard the door shut and assumed they both left. He went to his room and told me he was not there. He told me that he would drive the route they walk and would call me back. I received a call a little later. He found Noah, he was hiding under the bed because he did not want to go to school any more. He told Todd he thought it was boring. From that day forward, Todd would make sure both boys made it out the door.

I used to be good with taking pictures of the first day of school, but that changed in 2005. The year of my divorce. I wish I kept it up. I miss their younger faces.

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