Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hopes for a New Job.

Well I did it. I applied again for another HR Assistant job for the city. I know I am made for this position. Everything this job's duties I do now with exception of the EOE report. I'm bright enough to know I can do this as well. I'm a very quick learner too. I have to try to make myself not overly excited for this job. Last time they had over 200 applications for the one position and I did not even get an interview. With the economy the way it is now, I'm sure there will be even more applications. I would be happy if I were to be called for an interview, but I'm not going to lie either... I REALLY WANT THIS JOB!

Todd did inform me that there will be a position at the JECC opening up within the next couple of months. I know I would get an interview there because he does have connections. This is comforting me somewhat.

I just have to get away from where I am. I'm so tired of the double standard...yes I know that is in the business world, but they are way too hard on me and screw me over constantly. I made the mistake by making myself too valuable. They rely on me too much and I just do whatever it is they say or need. You would think that most companies would reward those individuals, but my supervisors stopped doing that when they realized I wanted to grow and move up in the company. They way they are doing this to me, I don not feel that I am going to be safe at all when it comes to cut backs that I do not see how they can avoid in the first quarter next year. We are just over staffed...way over staffed and with the company getting rid of another product we support there go more calls coming in. It's time. I need prayers and God to come through just like He did with this current job.

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  1. I'm sending you good vibes in hopes of not just securing an interview, but also in wowing them with both your hard and soft skills. May the universe give you what you need to grow -- a change and a challenge.

    I hope your interview outfit is picked out and prepared. Even though you're being "realistic" about this, you don't want to be scrambling for that one outfit that makes you feel and look both spectacular and confident.

    Good luck. Much love.


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