Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vacation 2008

Vacation 2008 began the day after Todd and I were married. Kera, Matthew, and Emily were not able to go with us so Joshua brought his friend Fred and we also took Todd's nephews Andrew and Austin. We had a good time for the most part. Some day Todd and I will have our honeymoon but it was important to us to keep our family vacation with the kids.

First day was in Milwaukee...Cubs vs. Brewers. Oh yeah, the Cubbies won. This was the first National Baseball game for my boys as well as for Austin. The Brewer's stadium allows you to tailgate in the parking lot and we did exactly that. It was a very enjoyable first day/night of vacation.

Back row, left to right: Joshua, Fred, Todd, and myself
Front row, left to right: Ethan, Austin, Noah, and Andrew. (notice Andrew is the only person not wearing Cubs...he's a White Sox fan.)

Milwaukee's stadium is beautiful I thought

The Cubs won!!
Disappointment look, Andrew hates the Cubs.

The next two days we were in the Chicago area enjoy Six Flags.

Ethan, Austin, and Noah with the Super Heroes

Andrew, Fred, Joshua, and Todd thinking they are Super Heroes

Austin, Andrew, Noah, and Todd

Todd, Andrew, and Joshua

Andrew, Todd, Joshua, and Fred racing. You can't tell by this photo but Todd won and poor Fred was left in the dust by all of them.

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