Friday, October 15, 2010

Prayers & Positive Thoughts for Miranda Marie

My niece Miranda has a lot of obstacles to overcome. She will be 2 years old towards the end of next month and she has had multiple surgeries. We still do not know what syndrome she has. She has therapies 3 times a week and her physical therapist goes to her house 2 times a week as well. The goal is to have her sitting by her 2nd birthday. The odds are against her walking if she isn't sitting by her 2nd birthday according to the therapist.

Last weekend I was able to go to Des Moines with the boys and visit my family. I played with Miranda for hours and had her laughing. She does not smile when her picture is being taken so I felt that this was such a treat. Little Miranda will definitely have special needs and most likely will not be able to walk or even sit for a long period of time. It makes me sad when I think of the type of life Miranda will have, however I don't believe she will know what she is missing. She had a G-Tube (a feeding tube port that has been surgically placed in her stomach) surgery last March because she had not gained any weight from July 3rd her last major surgery to remove the tumor on her spine. She weighed 13 lbs until the G-Tube was inserted. She began to gain weight and hit 17 lbs in just 3 weeks, however she has not gained anymore since then. This is a concern because she needs healthy growth for her brain to continue to grow as well. To date Miranda has had 3 shunts placed in her brain to help assist with seizures, the corrective surgery for the Spina Bifida and removing the tumor on her spine, she has had tubes placed in her ears, and the G-Tube insertion and she is only 23 months at this time. She has the first of at least 3 surgeries scheduled in December for her eyes. If the doctors are unsuccessful with finding a brace that will only bend one way for her legs, she may need an operation on her knees as well. Miranda hyper extends her legs that sometimes they bend backwards to nearly a 'C' position and this may cause serious damage to her knees.

My Mother called me tonight to let me know that Miranda had another seizure and it was very bad one. I guess she even stopped breathing. An ambulance came and took her to the hospital. She was released unfortunately they do not know what type of damage was done. Usually she is set back and loses her speech when she has seizures but this time my sister had no clue as to when the seizure started. Miranda was eating off her G-tube and my sister had to do something for the other girls. She walked back into the living room and found Miranda not breathing and once she got her to breath again she continued to go into another seizure.

Please pray for my little niece. She needs every single one that she can get. .

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