Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Moans

Oh it’s been awhile but this Monday deserves some moans. I was a little tea pot on the stove top and I blew last week. I am feeling a little relieved but in hopes this will be the final of it and then look for my Zen. I will definitely have Wednesday Woo Hoos following this weeks Monday Moans, this will always be a requirement of mine if I am going to moan you will be hearing me woo hoo too.

This Mooooooooaaaaaan is for teams of doctors that can not figure out what is wrong with a patient, more in particular Miranda. Come on, this little baby has been poked and scanned enough, why are you unable to figure out what syndrome she has? Seriously I know I am not a doctor and I do not know maybe someone can not have more then one syndrome, but it looks like this is the case of Miranda she may be your exception. I have read that some syndromes have mild cases, could it be possible she has a mild syndrome of more then one? If so why can you not treat them? Why make this child go through so many scans and surgeries to figure it out? She is a happy little thing and deserves not to be in pain. Would you do the same for your child, leaving it unconfirmed or would you put forth a little more effort to figure out what is really going on? She keeps having the seizures and she is not gaining weight definitely there is something there, the I am not sure is getting old.

A Mooooooooaaaaaan for teenagers. Oh how you test a parent’s patience. I do not know why this generation feels that they are ‘entitled’. Is it our society? Is it the media? Yes, you have rights but you are still a dependent. You are not an adult yet and seriously, you do not know everything! Yes, I know I do not either, but trust me, on many levels of fields, I do know more then you do. You may remember things that you are being taught in school, and I may have had that knowledge when needed but if you do not use them day to day and you do not remember it, it does not qualify you as uneducated.

The next Mooooooooaaaaaan goes out to the new HealthCare Reform Act. Alright there are a few good things about you but you have so many things I just do not understand why as well as you are impacting my job big time. Due to you, my job may no longer exist after the first of the year, not only mine but several of my co-workers in my department as well as several other departments within my company. You have also hiked up the cost of insurance this year.

Mooooooooaaaaaan for getting older. I hate the fact that I am feeling older then I really am. It really stinks big time. I know part of this is my own fault by becoming so depressed and not putting me first with health and exercise.

Here is a biggie…Mooooooooaaaaaan on how my children can understand or forgive their Father, or more like not tell him off as they do me. He has the much easier role as a parent. He does not have to deal with the day to day issues of their life. He does not have to deal with guidance or discipline and because of this he is viewed as the ‘fun’ person or the ‘good’ parent. He can get away with giving them less; although they are angry about it they do not voice it to him. I am not sure if this is because they see him less and do not want to jeopardize that. I do not know if it is because they know I will always be there for them regardless, but it stinks that I have the wrath of the wicked and hurtful tongue. It does not seem quite fair maybe someday when they grow up and mature they will be able to see how unfair it really is until then, my heart will ache from time to time. I can not harden my heart to my children; I just can not do that.

A huge MOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAN to my Mother’s side of the family (with exception of one cousin. I just feel he is very genuine and not catty.) I HATE the thought how greed can over rule everything else when it comes time for a death in the family. The same amount of emphasis on this MOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAN to my Father’s side of the family (again an exception to one cousin for the same reason.) They have a plenty of skeletons and eventually the lies you weave comes back to bite you in the rear. This leads into a MOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAN for FAKE people. I have dealt with enough blood relatives as fake as can be and those who are posers as friends.

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