Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Meatloaf

I have to tell everyone right from the start, I have some picky eaters. Now most kids are to some degree and the older two have broaden their taste buds as they have grown. My youngest has always enjoyed more then any of his brothers to start and that leaves my third child as my pickiest ever. He is doing better at least with a variety of meat now. He used to eat only ham and hot dogs, occasionally a chicken nugget. I have had to doctor up so to say some recipes just to have my boys eat them. Meatloaf is one of the meals I had to cook just a little differently. I follow the recipe except with the meat mixture I add 1/3 c ketchup. Here is my recipes boys for you to be able to enjoy when you are out on your own.

For a Recipe of Meatloaf, please click on the link below
or go to "Recipes" at the top of my page.


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  1. Do those plates have a heart in the center? If so then I have the same corelle as you do! Funny


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