Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Woo Hoos

This edition of Wednesday Woo Hoos is brought to you by the letter “W” because it’s WEDNESDAY.

Woo Hoo for having a job at this time. The work environment is a tough one anymore, so I do appreciate my job.

Woo Hoo for my cousin Bruce for being a sensitive guy and expressing his love. Woo Hoo for my cousin Angel for being just her. I’m so glad that I have reconnected with both.

Woo Hoo for high school friends that I have reconnected with as well. I just wish we lived closer because I would love to have a ya-ya group.

Woo Hoo for dance lessons, although we will have only 1 more class next week, I love dancing with my sweetheart. I love the time we get to be out and do something. I love the way it makes me feel as well as the laughs my husband provides for me.

Woo Hoo for me following the low sodium diet to lose weight this month. Now I need to do a better job to lower the blood pressure.

This Woo Hoo is for having prayers answered after Miranda’s last seizure.

Another Woo Hoo for the understanding that all things must pass and what I have now is a very good thing. I have a wonderful husband who loves me and is willing to do anything legal for me. ;) I have 4 good kids that may test my patience and tend to have harsh tongues but I do know they love me. I have a Mother who is willing to listen and guide me when needed. I have great in laws, I could not ask for better. I have step-daughters that are pretty neat as well. I have several new Internet friends, friends from work as well as friends in the past that I keep in touch with. As my blog title state: With a Little Help From My Friends--

Woo Hoo for my Father having a year sobriety. I only hope he continues.

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