Friday, November 5, 2010

Brrr...It's Starting To Get Colder

Oh crud the cooler weather is here and will only get colder. I can not express how much I do not like the cold. Each year I grow less and less fond of it. Ha ha… maybe I am becoming an ol’ grumpy lady. Cooler weather means less being outside and this weekend we have to start preparing the yard/garden for the winter. Saturday will be the garden and moving things off the deck and housing them inside the porch, which means the end of my porch season. L This is my favorite room in the house. Who knows, maybe I will have a new one as soon as the painting ever gets done inside. I have been here over 6 years and I still do not have the house decorated with my say so. I have added a d├ęcor to the living room (large one) and some of me to the smaller living room, but the walls are a cold white. I want warm colors so badly. I am in hopes this will be done at least one of the rooms Thanksgiving weekend. We will see.

***side note*** I have expressed my plans for the bathroom after the first of the year with Todd and I have him excited with what I want to do as well. The 70’s/80’s stripped wall paper will go down and a slate blue will be added to the walls. I plan to paint the wood on the vanity and the medicine cabinet white, add a frame around the existing mirror and we have discussed changing the light fixture. This needs to be done soon because I noticed that we have mold growing above the shower and this is not good at all. Several of the kids have allergies and couple asthma, and with one expecting we need to be on top of it. After the painting has been completed, Todd will finally finish the floor that he started 3 years ago. I guess the procrastination was a good thing because we would have had to pull up the base board to remove the wall paper.

Alright back to original topic now. I would also like to add the plastic to the window this Saturday as well. We might as well get all the weathering done this weekend since it is predicted that our first measurable snow fall will be November 15th. Ugh…. Snow, oh how I hate snow. I need new tires too.

Alright, weatherizing the house and moving our outdoor things inside is not the only thing I hate about the cooler weather. It is all the aches it creates in my body. My knees are bad, especially the left one. I already know I need total knee replacements but I am too young to do so, since they replacement only last for 10 years and each replacement gives you less mobility. I am in hopes the weight loss will aid some of this pain as well to get me by for another 20 years. I am so feeling it in my ankles this year as well as the knees. I do not know if it is the extra water weight that is making the ankles hurt more. I need to find a yoga position that will help the ankles as well as my knee. I have to do a better job with tracking my food. This is a lot more difficult then I thought it was going to be. I have been through tracking food intake several times prior in my life and did a good job with Todd at the beginning with his diabetes. I did a great job even after he gave up for an additional 6 months, but then I too gave up on him. After my doctor appointment regarding my high blood pressure I have made a conscious decision to stick to the diabetic needs when it comes to preparing meals. I can not control his snacking, but I can provide a healthier choice for him when it comes to meals and snacks for work. However, I am having a bugger of a time with sodium. I am truly amazed how much sodium is in foods that we eat. I am going to start to experiment and make my own seasonings for taco and chili to hopefully lower the sodium but I have not had any luck yet finding a good one. I am also making my own vinaigrette dressing that is good for both the diabetes as well as the high blood pressure. I found new one raspberry vinaigrette that I will be making soon. Sometimes I become so overwhelmed with trying to figure all of our needs notional for our medical needs. I am sure eventually this will figure it out until then I just will have to keep swimming.

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