Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cheesy Chicken Poof

Oh I how I wish this blog could have the sense of smell and taste added because this recipe was a hit with both senses. As I was cooking the chicken, then the onions, butter, and garlic powder the smell was filling the Kitchen. I was wishing the baking time was over just to take a taste of this divine smell. I have to thank Yummy (my cousin's wife) for this newest hit. I do love her recipes and web site. (You can find a link under My Blog List; she also has a site on Facebook.) I found that some of her Halloween goodies, I typically make as well, but just a little different. As you know from reading my past post, our house can be a challenge to cook for lately, me with high blood pressure, Todd with diabetes, and picky eaters makes cooking a challenge to find a hit that everyone truly can enjoy. I did adjust her recipe a little bit to make it have less sodium.

For a Recipe of Cheesy Chicken Poof, please click on the link below
or go to "Recipes" at the top of my page.

Cheesy Chicken Poof

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