Friday, November 19, 2010


Three years ago, around this time Todd and I were out shopping and we came across the women's area where we found jeans on sale at a very low price. He made the comment that I should pick some up. I was too embarrassed to pick up the correct size so I grabbed a size smaller. He asked me several times if I was sure that they would fit, and I just smiled and nodded. A month later, while he was at work I tried them on. Not to my surprise, the jeans were snug on my thighs and I could not even zip them at all. It did not matter how much I sucked my stomach in and laid on the bed, the zipper was not going to go over half the way up. Last summer I tried the jeans again, same result.

As stated in previous blogs, I am truly trying with watching what I eat from calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein, and now sodium. ***shhh, I took a little break the past two days, the sugar free cherry pie and sugar free ice cream was just calling out my name.*** I belong to and I have found that I love their nutrition tracker. I just go to it after every meal, plug in my food and presto my numbers are there. I have found that if I plug my meal and snacks the day prior, I feel more accountable to stick to it.

I have joined a few groups on there and found some very rewarding ones. One of the groups is a group for chair exercising. This was an important group to me because there are times I just can not get up and move because of my knee. The cooler weather is approaching and I am concern about my knee. It may not allow me to dance this January when classes resume, but I have found this group that provides ideas and exercises that I can do in a chair. I can do a great cardio work out and put no stress on my knee. Awwh if only I found this a year ago, just think how much smaller would I be. How much healthier I would be.

I also found two groups on there that are challenging. One is an actual team challenge against other teams. One week out of 300 some team players I was the biggest loser in pounds. I can not express enough how thrilled I was. The other group I have found is very supportive, well they all are but this one takes the price.

On this site there is a tracker and I have watched my tracker move down, then up, and now down again. I started with my groups again in March and the tracker shows I have lost 26 lbs so far. I just do not see it though. I have some women at work last week tell me they think I have been losing weight from the dance classes. They noticed it on my back side. Hmmm...maybe that is why I do not see it.

This morning after I started a load of wash, I realized I placed all of my jeans in the washer and I had only 20 minutes to get myself to Noah's school for his fall conference. I rushed around trying to find something. I came across the pair of jeans I bought 3 years ago. I debated a little bit but thought what the heck. What would it hurt to try? I slipped in one leg and then the other. Hmmm the jean was not snug in my thigh anymore. I pulled the jeans up and then started to zip, up the zipper went. I am saying UP THEY WENT! I was not laying on the bed as the zipper went up. I was standing up. I was not sucking my stomach in. I was just pulling the zipper up and it went up. Dazed, I went to the full length mirror and lifted my shirt. I turned sideways, I peeked over my shoulder. I called out to Todd and asked him if they were too tight. His response was no. I went over to the bed and sat down. Ewh, a little tight when I sat but just a little. Definitely do able and I ran down the stairs (O.K. I can not run down the stairs anymore but I did limp in a hurry down.) got into my car. As I was driving down my street I had this huge smile and thought...Oh yeah, mama has a new pair of jeans.


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