Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Moans

I had such a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend (other then being sick off and on the entire 4 days.) that I really do not have much to MOOOOAAANN about, but here is what I have.

MOOOOAAANN for feeling icky 4 days straight, but it could have been worse. It was just icky feeling not miserable.

MOOOOAAANN for the 4 days going so quickly.

MOOOOAAANN for the airlines that caused stress on us for a few hours when they lost Emily's luggage on Thanksgiving day. She flew to Texas to see her boyfriend.

That's it folks! Life is good on the homefront at the time being...***knock on wood***. I enjoyed seeing my oldest for nearly a week. I loved playing games with the boys. I loved listening to them giggle however there were times I wished they were a little quieter. Thanksgiving went well. I hope everyone else had a good one as well.

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