Monday, November 15, 2010

Kresge Girls

Last night I was watching television and folding laundry when a commercial came on. I have absolutely no idea what the commercial was for but the song with this commercial was Def Leppard's "Poor Some Sugar On Me". Immediately a flood gate of memories opened up of Kresge Hall. My immediate thought was of Liz, oh how she loved Def Leppard. I think she was the biggest Def Leppard fan I had ever known. At least once a week she would tell me how my hair would remind her of the lead singer of the band. She was such a free spirited person. I believe that she may have been reincarnated from someone that experienced the 60s.

My next thought was of Lori. I think it naturally flowed to Lori because she would sing this particular song a lot. I can still see her with her 80s big hair, eyes squinting, nose scrunched up with a huge smile on her face singing that particular song. Lori's smile reminded me of The Osmond smile. She had a big beautiful smile with the whitest teeth. Next in my mind came Laura. She and Lori were room mates and I met them my junior year in college. Laura was free spirited as well and she too could have easily fitted in with the 60s era. My next thought went to Staci she seemed so mature for her age and she introduced our floor to Scott. They were just made for one another. They completed the Ying and Yang of one another.

My sophomore year, I met Cathy, when "The Quiet Floor" moved to the basement. I loved that she could change her hair color so dramatically and look just as good with the new color as her original color. She had such spunk and I simply thought she was adorable. She always knew how to cheer me up. She too was free spirited. I also met Shawn that year. She always seemed to be smiling. I do not think I can recall ever a time she was not smiling and such a sweetheart. She could be ultimately labeled "America's Sweetheart." I also met Elaine during my sophomore year. I admired her so much that she was true to her faith and I knew I could always count on her if I ever needed anything.

My Freshman year, I met Carla. She was a Senior that year. I thought it was great that I met someone that graduated from the same high school I did. I envied her because she had her act together. I also met Pam that year. She definitely was outgoing. I loved our midnight runs to the local Kum & Go. Pam, trust me you did not lose anything at all by not hooking up with Mike. Then there was Deb. Oh, Deb, I could never figure out why you wanted to go to school here in Iowa coming from Hawaii. I know you had family here but Hawaii? I loved how excited you got when we had our first snowfall and it was funny how you were not as excited your second year here. Joyce was pure of heart and a joy to be around as well.

I think of Robin who was Pam's room mate and wish I could find away to talk to her once again as well as my old room mate Annette. These are two women that I wish I could find today still. There is also Susan, I wonder whatever happened to dear Susan? Although we do not see one another daily, nor live with one another, you all will hold a special spot in my heart. You were my comrades my college days and most even now through the wonderful world of the Internet. I do miss you and think Pam was right. It would be great if we all could meet some where next summer for a weekend, just to catch up and hang out once again. Our little reunion.

All of this from some sort of commercial that I still have no idea what they were soliciting over the television, but thank you for including the song "Pour Some Sugar On Me." because I had some warm fuzzy moments just thinking back to those days. It also makes me feel great that Matthew is starting to experience this life style as well this year and next year I am sure Joshua will begin his adventures of living on campus. Hold on to the moment boys because life will change so much once you graduate, even more then when you graduated from High School.

Oh and by the way, Kresge Hall is not an all girl dorm any longer, it is now Co-Ed. One of my friend's son is starting his adventures on the exact floor I started mine. 3rd Floor Old and yes, they still have to yell "Flush" every time they flush the toilet when someone is in the shower.

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