Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mean Mommy Alert

I have had enough Mean Mommy will now arrive! Do not take me wrong, I love my boys and they do mean the world, but enough is enough and I have been taken advantage of for the last time. School should be first in my book above all other things. Before I divorced the boys I was able to be at home with the boys during the day and most of the evening. I worked a late shift. I sacrificed sleep but it was worth it to me.

The boys are on game systems way too much as well as not getting homework done. I am constantly finding laundry on the floor in their room as well as clothing in the living room.

Todd too has had enough with the living room from all the kids and will be informing everyone his new rule in the house. I guess I too will have to add for the boys.

I received an email from Noah's teacher today. I was not happy with what it told me. How Noah is not working to his potential as well as not completing his homework. I found he has not been telling the truth regarding his homework. Ethan is not doing much better. He is failing Language because he is not completing his reading as well.

Enough!!! Mean Mommy will be on the prowl tomorrow and new order will be placed come hell or high water.

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  1. Sigh. We've been dealing with this with Keb. We actually stopped giving him allowance because he was lying abut whether stuff was done or not. We did have him tested for ADD, and he has mild ADD. I think we're looking at giving him Concerta because his teacher said that he "melted down" when she told him to add two more lines to his story.

    Maybe it's because we're female, but I always did my homework. Then again, I cleaned house and helped with dinner. You, like Kristin, helped raise your siblings. It never would have occurred to me NOT to do what I was told. Yet, Keb will question everything.

    I wish you luck. It's very frustrating to have to fight with one's children. Love makes it harder because you KNOW you have to go into battle to save them from themselves, yet love makes you want to comfort them as well.

    It just sounds like you are having such a hard row to hoe these days. I hope things start looking up for you.


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