Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Moans

Well this is going to be harder then I thought it was going to be. Last Friday I told myself, (Yes I actually do talk to myself. As long as I do not answer myself I feel that I am still quite normal.) Any Hoo, I told myself that I was going to make sure I blog a Monday Moan as well as a Wednesday Woo Hoo. I had so many moans I thought on Friday, but then I had a wonderful time on “Friday Date Night” that I found my Zen once again, and I may not have as many moans as I thought on Friday. So here it is…

First MOOOOAAAANN goes to children of all ages that feel they know more then the parent. You may or may not be an adult. You may or may not be on the verge of adulthood. You may or may not have a high GPA in school. Fact is... YOU DO NOT KNOW MORE THEN YOUR PARENT. Just saying…we parents do not know everything however we were not born yesterday and we do have life experiences that helps make us wiser then you. Yes, yes at one time we may have thought we knew more then our parents but back in those days there was something that is lacking now…RESPECT. You would never catch anyone my generation talking to their parent the way you do, nor would you see us thinking we are entitled to everything and anything. Do not try to rush growing up, even if you are at adult age, being an adult has so many more responsibilities then you are even accustomed too.

Next MOOOOAAAANN for having to watch sodium. Are you freaking serious? Now I have to watch how much celery I even eat. This for years has been a freebee for me many years of my yo-yo diets. NOW I am limited to two stalks because it is rather high in sodium, well in my book rather high for a snack. Aye Aye Aye. This is going to be challenging…but I will be victorious mawahahahahaha

MOOOOAAAANN and this is a biggie and unfortunately I will come across more of these people as we go through the next couple of months. MOOOOAAAANN to all the rude shoppers. I am not big into shopping to start with, well I am when I have the money to spend and I have the want to shop for me but lack the desire because I hate the way I look…but that is going to change. Any way this weekend I was at Wal- Mart, I know, I know some of you hate that store but I find a lot of deals there. For example I was pleasantly surprised that they have their brand of no salt added diced tomatoes as well as tomatoes sauce. They also carry the lower sodium taco seasoning that I new existed but could not find at my grocery stores. Any way, Ethan and Noah went there to spend some birthday money and I thought since I was there I would pick up some other food items…found their light yogurt is my favorite yogurt. As usual the lines were long (another MOOOOAAAANN to you Wal-Mart for rarely having enough staff at the check outs), I thought about going to the express line 20 items or less but the lines I thought were way too long and the self- check out lines were much shorter. This was my choice. They had 3 of the 4 registers open and the three lines were not long at all. They were not fast moving but there was only 1 person waiting at each register. The line started to grow behind me and not the other 2 register which I thought was odd. A gentleman walks past me and stands in line at the register in front of me. Another person behind me says that’s not right, how can he do that, there is one line for all the registers. He then ask me if that is correct. I told him no there is more then 1 line. He then complains and complains how the Wal-Mart employee should be directing them and on and on he complains. MOOOOAAAANN just what I want to do is listen to a complainer. Why should a Wal-Mart employee direct you to stand in a line. Use some common sense people. I then ring up my grocery items and pay. We then ring up Ethan’s purchase and he pays, while we are scanning Noah’s the person behind us (a different one because the other person went to one of the other registers that opened up.) starts to complain about how it is ridiculous that they have to wait at the self check out. There should be a limit of 5 items or less for the self check out. How long they have waited on us to finish our transactions. MOOOOAAAANN. Oh you do not know how hard it was for me to hold everything in. I think if it were not for my younger two being with me, I might have just turned around and shared my opinion and moved even slower. I thought to myself…this is not an express lane, no where does it even refer that it will be quicker. You have your express lanes of 20 items or less; go there if you want quantity limited at a check out lane. There are no rules stating only 1 transaction per person at a register. There are several times I have seen people with more then 4 transactions. If you use WIC, you may have 3 transactions alone with your WIC checks then you have your other shopping goods that need to be rung up as well. MOOOOAAAANN. I was so proud that I did not express that, I thought it was important that I be that positive role model for the boys. MOOOOAAAANN to you loud mouth impatient lady, you even made my son MOOOOAAAANN about you as we walked out. He too thought you were so rude.

And that is the end of this edition of Monday Moans.

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