Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Moans

You know, this week other then a couple of things mentioned previously, I really do not have any new moans. I think this week's moans will actually be my pet peeves, so I guess in a small way they are moans but only important to me type of moans.

MOOOOAAANN for those in the house that leave cupboard doors open. I do not know why but this bothers me to the n'th degree. If I wanted people to see what was inside the cupboards, the doors would be glass. I just think it looks tacky with doors open as well as a hazard. Someone could not be paying attention and hit their head on the corner of the door. If the cupboard is on the bottom, then definitely one of the cats will crawl in.

MOOOOAAANN for those who do laundry in our bedroom and leave your drier sheets on the floor. I do understand that the washer and dryer is in our bedroom, but it is in a closet located in it. Inside that closet is actually the laundry room, not my bedroom. Please pick up after yourself, if you drop the lint from the dryer on the floor, or dryer sheets pick it up and toss it in the trash can next to the washer. And for God's sake, do not sort your laundry and leave it in the middle of our bedroom floor. Mess up your own bedroom floor and bring a load in at a time. Seriously, would you like for me to go to your room and do the same thing there?

MOOOOAAANN on the subject of picking up after yourself. There are 7 sometimes 8 of us living in the house. When you are done with something put it away do not leave it out for someone else to pick up for you later. This goes for trash in the Kitchen as well. If you cook something for you, clean up any spills. If you drop any food on the floor clean it up. If you empty a box of something or jug of something, do not leave it on the counter or in the pantry. Our recycle bin is just on the other side of the door leading to the porch. MOOOOAAANN every time I clean up the Kitchen and within 2 hours there is a new mess there. Nothing makes me MOOOOAAANN louder then to come home from working and most of you being home all day and there is a mess in the Kitchen. I then have to clean up the mess just in order to cook dinner for all of us. MOOOOAAANN, the Kitchen is my biggest MOOOOAAANN if you can not tell.

MOOOOAAANN for complaining that the house is a mess when you do nothing to help out, especially when you too make the mess. As stated earlier, we have 7 - 8 people living there, if everyone were to leave just one thing or one dinner dish in the living room it would be a mess.

MOOOOAAANN for check outs that you have to wait in, and I am waiting patiently, but when it comes time for my transaction, you horridly give me my money back or card expecting me to just toss it in my purse so I can get out of the way for the next person. This MOOOOAAANN would go to drive through as well. I waited patiently for you to assist me, you should wait patiently for me to put things back into my purse. It would only take maybe at the most another 2 seconds. And if I do put the money were it belongs or the card, you look at me as if you want to ask me why am I still there?

MOOOOAAANN for Marsh & McLennan for holding on to child support the maximum days that they can (10 business days). I do not understand why you hang on to it other then making a profit a little longer on the funds. Shame on you for hanging on to it instead of giving it to those who are in need of that support. You do not hang on to it when it comes to pay day for someones earnings, why hang on to it when you know someone earned it and the court is ordering to go elsewhere for a child/children? The Child Support agency has to hang on to it for 3 business days to make sure the check clears, so by the time the child/children that it is intended for about 2 1/2 business weeks have gone since his payday. That is just disgusting when you know that the employee has worked the hours said for that pay period.

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