Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Moans

Seriously, nothing new for me, so I guess this week's Monday Moans may be a little small and boring.

MOOOOOAAAANN for my sinus canals lately. I do not like the headaches and the pain you are creating every morning. I just might have to try the irrigation to see if that helps.

MOOOOOAAAANN for those who think they are better then others. NOTHING, I mean NOTHING erks me more then someone thinking they are better then another person. It is even worse if you are blood relatives. NO ONE is ever better then another. We all are different and chose different paths. Yes, yes some paths may be illegal but that does not make you better then that person, maybe better morals. WE are NOT to judge others, especially when we have things hidden in our own closet.

MOOOOOAAAANN for Winter. I just do not like Winter. I hope it is a mild one. We need precipitation, but no ice or less snow would be fine by me. Rain is a good form of precipitation and not too much. We do not want flooding to occur either. So come on Mother Nature can you fill my order please?

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