Monday, November 1, 2010

My Little Ethan

I can not believe this sweet child of mine is now 14. Wow where does time go? This child is my snuggler or scratch that was my snuggler. He is such a teenager now and soon will be getting his driver's permit.

October 11, 1996 I had a non-stress test at by OB’s office due to complications with my second pregnancy, we planned on monitoring this one to avoid the same complications. My test results did not reflect well, so the doctor then referred me to the hospital to see how the baby handles the stress of contractions. I went to Lutheran and was hooked up a fetal monitor and an IV where they started to induce labor. The game plan was while I was in labor to see if the baby was in danger, if not then they would stop inducing me and send me home. If the baby was in danger then Ethan would be delivered that night. Two hours later the test results showed he was fine, so they told me that as soon as my contractions stop I would go home. My contractions never stopped, they continued 3 minutes apart but varied with intensity. I was not dilated enough to keep me in the hospital. I was informed that if the contractions become consistent with intensity then I should return to the hospital.

I was also advised not to be further then a 20 minute radius from the hospital because I tended to be quick once in labor. During this time in my life I was a substitute teacher for the Des Moines Public Schools, so that narrowed what schools I could substitute and the district worked with me and kept me somewhat busy knowing my condition. My contractions were constant at being 3 minutes apart with intensity was not constant. October 30th came and it was trick or treat, the boys’ father had to work his part time job, so I had to go out and walk with Matthew 6 years old and Joshua who was 3 years old at the time. It happened to be snowing that night and my winter coat no longer went around my belly. I trudged along having contractions while the boys excitedly ran from house to house. The next day was my next doctor appointment. While I was there the nurse noticed I was having strong contractions and they were timeable. She asked me how long has this been going on. I informed her that they never stopped since they tested how the baby handled actual labor. She was shocked and stated something that it has been close to 3 weeks since that test was done; I reassured her that I knew it definitely how long it has been. While I waited in my room, I heard her lecture the doctor on how he needed to help me because of how long I have been going on like this. He stepped in with a big smile saying “So you want to have a baby sooner, huh?” I just answered, “No, it’s alright we can wait on that but can you just stop the contractions so I can sleep? I am just so tired from not being able to sleep.” He laughed and told me with an answer like that, and then it’s time to help me along. He ended up helping a little and said that I probably will have him by the end of the night. I have to be honest; I did not have much hope with his words. I thought I was going to be pregnant forever with having contractions every 3 minutes apart until my water bag would break. If that would break then I know the baby would be here soon. Within 30 minutes from leaving the office the contractions became stronger, yet I was afraid to go to the hospital. My biggest fear was that they would send me home again. Eventually that night, the boys’ father, my mother, and I went to the hospital. (My mother has been in the room with each of my children’s birth. This has been a comfort to me as well as a special bond for my mother.) I was there for 8 hours and the dilation stopped at 5, the hospital staff wanted to send me home, but I refused until my doctor checked me out. He made his rounds early morning and teased me asking what was taking so long. My first was only 5 hours and the second delivery (that he delivered) was only 2 ½ hours. I told him it was my water bag’s fault. He laughed and took a look and said, “Well we can fix that, I will just rupture it for you.” I told him something like he was my favorite male person on this earth and thanked him. The doctor laughed and told the nurse to get the baby warmer in here right away because I will go fast. He winked at me and told me he had his first appointment at 8:30 and he needed me to be done by 8 am. This gave me a little less then one hour to complete my labor and delivery. I do not think the nurse understood that the doctor was not exaggerating I was going to go fast. Fifteen minutes after he popped my water bag, I told her I was ready to push. The nurse said I could not be that far along so fast, I was just at 5 cm 15 minutes ago. I told her again, I am ready to push. She acted like she did not believe what I told her and she did not want to stop what she was doing to check, but I insisted I was going to push very soon. She stopped what she was doing and then checked. Her eyes became huge and her face was red from embarrassment. She was amazed I was at 10 so fast and said something to the fact that the doctor was not joking, she told me to hold on so she can bring in the baby warmer. It was not long after my doctor ruptured the water bag, Fifty-Three minutes later in my arms was my little Ethan. After delivery, the doctor smiled at me and told me he knew I would not let him down and his patient at 8:30 would be happy that I hurried along for her.

My third son, Ethan Joseph Titler was born on November 1, 1996. What an angel he was. I fell in love with him the moment he was placed in my arms. He rarely cried at all, he just looked up at me with his sweet precious face. I loved how he would hold on to my finger, not letting ago as he drifted off to sleep. A few hours later, his father brought in both of his big brothers to the room. They too were excited to see the newest member of our family. Matthew radiated that he was a big brother again and Joshua was thrilled that he was not the youngest any longer.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN. You may be my shyest child but I do thoroughly enjoy you. You are growing up so fast. Please slow down, let me enjoy you more as a child.

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