Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Little Nonah

I loved it when he said his name like that...Nonah. I still have to giggle when I say it. Being pregnant with Noah was totally different then the other boys. It was my shortest pregnancy. I did not even know I was pregnant until just entering my 4th month. I was taking my birth control pills every day as I should. I had no morning sickness. The fact that I did not have a period was nothing to me at the time because I had changed from the Depo Provera shot to the birth control right before I ended up getting pregnant with him. I was only having my period once every three months. It was the fact that I missed it more then three months that started me to think. I noticed that I was showing some simple signs of diabetes but I thought that the gestational diabetes I had with all the other boys, must have been a warning that I will be diabetic and I thought I should have it checked out. One day I was painting our kitchen, we were doing a little remodeling in there. I was standing on the counter and painting when I became dizzy and felt light headed. It was that moment that I feared I was pregnant. Now I know fear is a rather harsh word but my marriage was not the best and I realized we were not going to make it by this time. Our house was a small house and we were barely getting by. I took a test and was totally shocked that it said positive. I called Mike and told him. He was thrilled, it was only 2 weeks prior that he had gone to the doctor for a consultation for a vasectomy. We were definitely not planning for another...but Noah is what I call a bonus package. You know, you don't expect a bonus and it turns out wonderful.

I prayed and prayed the baby would be a boy. What would we do if we had a little girl? We had a three bedroom house and each room was going to have to have two kids in it. I already had clothing for a baby boy. The baby just had to be a boy! Mike followed through with his vasectomy so we would not have any more surprises. It was only a couple of weeks prior that we did find out that the baby was going to be Noah, another little boy in our house.

I was surprised when I went into labor for him. I was 4 weeks early. Each one of my children were early due to the gestational diabetes and each pregnancy the gestational diabetes was worse. The doctors had wanted to put me on insulin the week prior to giving birth, but I talked them into letting me prove to them that I could get this under control. When we arrived to the hospital I told the nurse right away that I wanted an epidural this time. This was my fourth one and I was not stupid, I knew what I was going into and I thought it would be nice to try this. She laughed and said she did not blame me one bit. Moments later she came back and told me that the doctors told her I could not have one.

***You see they thought I was going to go fast. Three days prior to going into labor I woke up with the most painful pressure in the pelvic area. It was uncomfortable to sit, it was uncomfortable to stand, it was uncomfortable to walk, it was uncomfortable to lay down. I went through three days like this. I went to my next appointment which happened to be November 12 a Friday. The doctor told me he expected me to deliver sometime that weekend and he would not be surprised if it was that night. He did not want me further then 15 minutes from the hospital. I looked at him and mentioned that this is something I think they say to many patients. He laughed and said something like, that may be so but this time he meant it. He told me he could tell me that the baby has a lot of dark hair. I just remember thinking SERIOUSLY! SERIOUSLY, YOU CAN SEE THE HAIR AND YOU ARE GOING TO LET ME JUST WALK AROUND? What if the baby comes and I am not at the hospital? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, the baby had dropped Wednesday, he must have entered the birth canal then and that is why it was so painful. ***

Any way, the doctors thought that I was going to go fast. They told her they thought it would be only 20 minutes since each one was nearly half the other. I waited and waited, after twelve hours with nothing to relieve the pain because the doctors said I could not have any, I looked at my nurse and asked her if she could ask the doctors once again for the epidural. She told me she was very proud of me and I was doing great. Thirteen hours, thirteen hours of labor at the hospital and then my last baby boy was born. He was early and they did not consider him premature, however if he was born just a few days early then they would have. Unfortunately, he was early enough that Noah did not have the sucking ability and when it came time to feeding him, we had to spoon feed him since he could not suck. Eleven years ago, my youngest baby was born. Happy Birthday Nonah. You will always be my baby.

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