Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Ramblings # 2

Tonight once again I have so many thoughts going through my head. I have many thankful and some woo hoos but those I will have to jot down for Wednesday and Thursday.


Random Thought #1

Once again this evil demon is full front in my thoughts. Yesterday I did wonderful with my choices, well let me take that back. I would be happier if I was closer to 1500 mg/ day right now, but I was under 2000 mg. Today I made a mistake. I still made it under 2300 mg of sodium today but I did not plan well the night before and found I ended up making poor choices with some of my meals. I found the day before when I planned all of my meals and snacks it was easier. This is going to have to become a new habit for me. I have to conquer this demon so I can be healthy.


Random Thought #2
Todd's Health

I am seriously worried about how he has been taking care of his self. I have signed up for a free glucose meter. I can not wait until we get this so he can start monitoring his levels. My husband does not get enough sleep. He takes 3-4 hours naps when he is lucky, typically it is 2 2-3 hour naps per day. The lack of taking care of his diabetes, sleep, and stress I think is starting to show. He just does not look as healthy and I am so worried. Todd is my soul mate and is such a pilar in my life. He is my very best friend and I would be so lost without him. I am hoping if he sees me making progress with my blood pressure this will inspire him as well as other little things going on in our life. I am trying to plan our meals with diabetic in mind as well as high blood pressure and still something the kids like as well...yeah I know, I am overwhelmed a little.


Random Thought #3
Senior Year

Ugh...How come everything is due for Senior year around the same time and on top of it Christmas time? Senior pictures by December 22nd, the cap and gown as well as invitations with name cards due any time from today through December 17th. Todd and I still keep separate accounts, I know if I tell Todd I need help he will, and who knows I may ask for his help with a groceries a little more until everything is paid for. I would love to consolidate our accounts after the first of the year.


Random Thought #4

Any time I have heard I song, I immediately think... Fox Trot, Rumba, oh the Cha-Cha-Cha. I know this is funny, I keep thinking what type of dance Todd and I could dance to this particular song. I then can see the steps for that dance while the song is playing, yes of course we are perfect in my vision and so graceful. he he he. Maybe this was such a strong thought all day because tonight is the first Tuesday we do not have dance lessons. We talked about going to WildWood on Thursday. They have free Country Dance lessons from 6-8. It will be fun to try something new.


Random Thought #5

I can not understand why my younger two are fighting about doing their school work lately. They have become very very lazy. I am worried about Ethan. He has developed poor habits and not turn in his classwork. Yes, yes Matthew and Joshua went through this as well but they did not fail a class, they would realize they were in trouble when their grade slipped and would put forth full effort and do extra credit to improve the grade, however Ethan I do not know what is going on. He just did not follow through. Tomorrow is the last of this trimester and I am aware of 2 classes that he is failing. I fear when I receive his report card. I am DEFINITELY going to have to contact the school and get access to the online grades now and stay on top of him. The only way he completed his work for this trimester that we were told he needed to hand in to pass, was by me sitting right next to him and making him complete this. He has never had problems before but this year, with his hormones changing, he is having a difficult time. I know he has had problems with his group of friends towards the end of last year, I am not sure if this is one of the reasons or what, but I need to figure it out soon so I can help him.

Noah has not been putting forth full efforts as well and next Friday I will learn more from his teacher at parent/teacher conferences.


Random Thought #6
The Boys' Medical Insurance

I am not exactly sure what their Father has in his head at this point regarding their medical coverage. He is suppose to cover them. Coincidentally he works for the same company I do but he deals with pensions ( a little more stable then where I work.) in Newton. Our company's premiums insurance increased just like everyone else has. Legally the most that an increase can be is 20%. The plan that the boys are on, his father's increase this next year will be 19%. OUCH! I am glad I am on Todd's insurance now. Their Father thinks he can find a personal plan at a lower cost. I am very concerned about this because I am not sure if he will look at the type of coverage it will be for the boys as well as for his and his wife's needs. Also most personal plans will not cover college age students and we have Matthew and soon Joshua to think about as well. I just hope this does not turn into a battle. Everything in life has increased, the cost of clothing and food has gone up tremendously...try to feed a family of 8 and have teenagers...another OUCH!

Well I am off to figure out a game plan for random thought #1.

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