Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random Ramblings

I have so many things going on inside of my head tonight. They are just circling and circling inside so I thought I might as well blog them to one random rambling to get them out there.


Random Thought #1

I have to be more dedicated to lowering my sodium intake. Yes it is very hard. I never knew how much natural sodium there is in things. Starting tomorrow I must improve this intake and track every little bit that I intake. My little pink spiral will become my best friend.

Tracking my BP

Week of 9/13/2010 140/92
Week of 9/20/2010 143/100
Week of 9/27/2010 142/100
Week of 10/04/2010 142/98
Week of 10/11/ 2010 180/110
Week of 10/18/2010 144/98
Week of 10/25/2010 142/110
Week of 11-1-2010 140/100

As you can see, it is not very good. Normal is 120/80. The top number they consider 140-159 as stage 1. A little high, need to keep an eye on it. 160 or higher they consider as stage 2. At risk of heart attack or even stroke. The bottom number they consider 90-99 stage 1 and 100 or higher stage 2. The bottom number is the more important one and as you can see I am at a higher risk here. Last month I did lose 13 lbs, this will help but I need to lose a lot more. My weight is not helping the condition any. It is not the only demon for this but it definitely is not helping. Stress is another demon. Week of 10/11/2010 was a very stressful day, I am sure that is part of the reason that day was so high. I need to stick to my exercise routine, especially since our dancing session is over. I need to improve on this so I do not have to be on meds. The boys are counting on me to finish raising them. They need me still. As well as Todd.


Random Thought #2
Baby Blankets!

Yes, baby blankets keep circling in my mind. I know I want to make a tie fleece blanket for the baby, however the baby is not due until early July. A regular blanket would be nice as well.
However am I doing too much as blankets? I mean I plan on making about 3 nice size receiving blankets as well as the fleece blanket that will be nice in the winter time. Would a regular blanket be over kill? I guess I will see what prints they have when I go shopping on Black Friday.


Random Thought #3

I have been wanting to paint for so long. Well the walls inside our house. I want the house to have my input with the decor. I have added a little of me here or there but the colors I have had no input at all. Exception of the main bathroom and the kitchen the house has white walls.
Alright the kids room has some color as well. We picked up the paint last fall but nothing was done. I really want to have the house painted before Joshua's graduation party. I am assuming that we will have a baby shower here as well, so I would love for it to be completed by then as well. (Odd when Matthew graduated, 2 months later we were married and had another big gathering/event to plan for as well. This time with Joshua graduating it will be a baby shower as well.) I know what I want done in both living rooms as well as both bathrooms. I want to paint our bedroom as well. This is the room I am unsure of. Do I put the diamond pattern on wall or do I forget it?


Random Thought #4

Tonight I tried something new for us. I have been craving tattor tot casserole for some time now.I have not had this since I was in junior high school. I found a recipe that I know was not the same that my Mother cooked but I thought that it looked good. You never know sometimes it may be a great disappointment. I ended up making two containers of it, a large one and a medium size. This turned out to be the perfect amount for my brood, however I did not add the green beans to the smaller one, for my pickier eaters. Next time I make this, I will make this again it was a hit, I will have to take photos of it and add the recipe on my blog site here. Tomorrow I plan to take a risk with another new meal all together. Fingers crossed that this one turns out a winner as well.


Random Thought #4
Thanksgiving Dinner

Every year we go to my Mother-In Law's for dinner. She lives only 45 minutes away and with Todd working typically this is perfect timing for us. One year, I want so badly for my Mother to be able to attend with us. Back to my random thought. The past few years we bring green bean casserole as well as scalloped corn. Typically the dishes are not very warm by the time we eat because there just isn't enough room in the oven to reheat. Last year I tried two new recipes that are made in the crock pot. I thought this would be a better idea so the food is hot still, only thing was the scalloped corn was not cooked long enough. I have a friend that blogs as well and she does this wonderful idea...why I never thought it up is beyond me. She does a trial run the month of November for her new dishes. This next weekend I will have to do the same and time how long it does take to make them in the crock pot. Again, I think this is a much better idea to keep it warm. I have to take the 45 minute drive into the equation as well as we always arrive earlier then dinner time to visit and help where needed. The crock pot is a much better answer. Thanks Aimee for the wonderful idea of the trial run.


Random Thought #5
Thankful Blog

It seems that so many are doing a thankful blog now as well as status on Facebook. I get it and understand the meaning behind it with it being November and Thanksgiving and all. It is a great idea. I did not catch on soon enough to do this every day. My mind has been on so many other issues lately; work, Joshua's trip to Spain (where am I going to come up with the money for that by January 10th?) both Ethan and Noah not doing well in school (how am I going to MAKE them do their work to their potential and turn it in?) the baby (so many concerns on so many levels with this one. I will be completely thrilled later but concerned now.) I am just going to do this but my own style of it. I have my Monday Moans, Wednesday Woo Hoos, and Flashback Friday; for the month of November on Thursdays I will add what I am thankful for, this will be my Thankful Thursdays. I think I will keep that tradition and post it only in the month of November.

For the time being...these are the only things circling my thoughts with exception of the normal right now, Christmas money, work, laundry, and how much sleep will I get tonight. I hope throwing the thoughts out here helps some. If not at least I put it out there.

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