Monday, November 8, 2010

Rx Weekend

This weekend was exactly what I needed. You could say, just what the doctor ordered. I feel at peace right now. It's been a very long time since I felt this relaxed and at peace. Dilemmas are still there...concerned about children, sickly niece, teenagers...but that is life.

Friday night Todd and I had a date night. What a date night it was! We went out to dinner to a nice Italian Restaurant where he proposed to me. I ate only portion size and had the remainder boxed up for me to take home, which Todd ate for lunch the next day. This was perfect for me because it was not a good idea to eat two days in a row for me. We had made a promise...NO TALKING ABOUT THE KIDS OR WHAT WAS GOING ON AT HOME RIGHT NOW. THIS DATE NIGHT WAS FOR US TO ENJOY OUR TIME WITH ONE ANOTHER.

After dinner we went to a dance. I do believe it was the best we have ever danced at a dance. We danced to every song except for 5. 3 of the songs were Polka Dance and we have never been taught any Polka steps yet. 1 was an old fashion Waltz. Oh how gorgeous they looked. Some day we will be able to dance that well. The other I was just plain pooped and I needed a breather. We had just finished to fast swings, one of the songs was a medley of 50s tunes that lasted nearly 8 minutes. We both had sweat at the back of our necks after that one. We actually danced several Waltz. Yes, we did mess up a few times and Todd made up steps that well...he just made up and somehow I watched what he was doing and went along with him as if it was something we have done before. It was a wonderful time. We arrived about 30 minutes late due to our dinner but we were there for 2 1/2 hours. Plenty of exercise and plenty of laughter. Plenty of one on one time that we both enjoyed. When it came time to leave the dance, we did not want to go home, but there wasn't anywhere else to go.

This weekend I was able to get the house back into order. I kind have fell behind with being so down and all. Todd and I were able to put all the decorations away from Halloween. We also put away several things for the winter. Next week we will have to work on the garden as well as putting up plastic on the windows. I'm so proud of the boys. Their room is actually clean, well clean enough in my book since their room is so crowded with 3 boys in one room.

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