Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shop Until You Drop

Thanksgiving weekend is the busiest shopping day of the year...well Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving in the United States) is. It is where stores have great bargains at very early hours and limited time. It is suppose to be the day where the retail stores go into the black because they sale so many items. I have been shopping on Black Friday since Ethan was born 14 years ago. It started out a tradition of my Mother and I. I had such a blast. It was a time where it was just my Mother and I. We do not have just her and I moments very often and I loved it. We would pick up the Thursday paper that was loaded with ads and browse threw them, making a list of items we wanted. She would come over to my house and off we went. We would shop and shop and take a little break for breakfast and shop some more. One year we started at Wal-Mart and we found the items we wanted. The Wal-Mart we went to was open 24 hours as all are now, they had the door busters roped off. I can not remember what it was we were trying to get now, but it was some sort of appliances she wanted for my nephew and a few VCRs (Yes, you read right VCR so that dates us.) As soon as they dropped the rope my Mother literally ran to the VCRs to grab 4 of them. She jumped over items as she was running. I could not help myself by just standing with the cart and laughing at her hurdling the items on the floor to see my Mother this way was so entertaining. We would laugh often as we shopped.

I moved to the Iowa City area 6 Black Friday's ago and I miss shopping with my Mother. It is not the same. I mostly shop by myself now, and chat with people in line. I just can not stand for a long period of time near people and not talk. That is just not me. My first Black Friday here, my first goal was a lap top for Kera's graduation gift. Wal-Mart only had 12, I stood in line from 10 pm Thanksgiving night for the sale that was going to start at 5 am. The Wal-Mart workers would walk by and we would chat. Everything was organized until right before 5 am then a mob came rushing. The employees were looking out for those that stood in line for so long and they handed a lap top to me, only for this very tall and large man to take it out of my hands. They noticed what happened and handed me another. This time I hung on to it tightly and close to my chest. The same man, tried to take it out of my hands again, this time he could not get it so he punched me. The manager then grabbed him and called the police. One of the employees then walked me to the check out to make sure no one would take it out of my hand again. After being checked out another walked me to my car. Now, that is customer service and a horrible first Black Friday alone.

I did have Todd with me once, but he works the third shift and it is a rotation schedule so he does not have many holiday's off. That was an enjoyable Black Friday shopping. Last year I could not get everything I wanted at Wal-Mart so I enlisted my older two boys to help with Wal-Mart and Target. It was fun watching them in action as well. Their giggles as they rushed through the isles and entertained me while we stood in line. I then took them through McDonald's for breakfast for a reward to help get the bike for Ethan, then home to bed for them by 6 am. I then drove to the next store for more shopping. I typically meet up with Todd sometime after 7 am when he is work day is over.

This year I feel good with what I purchased. I really did not have any huge big ticket items, well so I thought. (Our big ticket item was purchased on Sunday at Target's Pre-Black Friday sale.) My shopping started on Thanksgiving Day at K-Mart. I was there early because there was an item I wanted 2 of (for Ethan and Noah) and I was not sure of how many they had. It was at a great price that I could not pass up for the boys. It ended up being a limited item and one per customer. I liked how K-Mart handed out tickets and went down the line first come first serve. Fair to me, luckily for me someone I knew showed up where she helped me and picked up one as well so I was able to leave with two. Yeah me!!! Yesterday, actually Black Friday, I was able to get what I wanted at all of the stores I went to. I even had a friend pick up something at Target for me. I only wanted the one item and she was going to be there very early, so I just told her what I wanted along with the money. Today I was up early again and only hit one store. I'm done shopping for this weekend. My body literally aches, yesterday was horrible on it. I definitely shopped until I dropped yesterday. It was an uneventful crazy shopping day and I am just fine with that. We all are adults and should know that nothing materialistic is worth hurting someone and respect one another.

I can not state exactly what I got the kids (just in case they read this before Christmas) but I am happy with my deals. I also picked up baby flannel to make a couple of receiving blankets as well as burp rags. Today I picked up material to make a baby quilt. The fabric is so soft. I am excited to start but it will have to wait a little while. In the picture below: the top flannel will be a receiving blanket and burp rags. The bottom flannel will be a receiving blanket and the center is the material for the baby quilt I will be making.

Todd picked up (last Sunday Pre-Black Friday sale) an item for one of the kids and new pot ware for us. I'm so excited, it's a nice set. It will be my first good pot ware that I have ever owned as well as he. It is Paula Deen Signature Collection. I am going to have to pick up a large skillet of this same piece later. It is the only thing I think we need. The collection has a 12 inch skillet but that is not big enough for my family. I cook for 7-8 people.

I am also excited for my birthday present. Yes, I know my present already. Todd had me pick it up. I believe he is going to let me have it early so I can take pictures with it on Christmas. I so want to ask for it now so I can play with it. I know so bad of me. (he he he) I just might have to open the package and look at the manual a head of time. (he he he) Next weekend I am going to take Todd with me to Cedar Rapids to the Home Depot so he can pick out his Christmas present. He wants a smoker this year and I want to make sure I get the right one.

Although I still shop on Black Friday, it is just not the same with out my Mother. She and I talked about it earlier, we both feel it just is not the same without one another. We both have bad knees now and do not move about so easily. I am hoping to have Thanksgiving at our house next year, where my Mother is able to come. Maybe next year she and I will be able to do some shopping together. It would be so great if my sisters would come as well. We have never done this together. Actually this year was the first year my sister Amy went and usually Katie the past 3 years has had my Mom go out and get her things while she is home with the girls. I really would love for them to be here next year at least for dinner. We will see.

Did you do any shopping this weekend? Any good stories you want to share?

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