Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday

As stated in previous blog, a lot of the blogs I follow as well as friends on Facebook are posting what they are thankful for every day while in the month of November. As usual sometimes I am running a day slow and I wanted to participate with this because I love the idea. I am chosing to have Thankful Thursdays during the month of November. I plan to make this a tradition with my blogs and do this every November. I mean it is typically only 4 post we are talking about, I can do that. Right? :D Right! Now on to the first ever Thankful Thursday post.

I am THANKFUL for having met Todd. He is my soul mate and has completed me in so many ways. He is my very best friend. He may not be the biological father to my children but he is a great step father to them. He truly does care for each and everyone of them. It says something special about a man for dating a woman with 4 boys and then have that woman and her 4 boys move in with him. I am THANKFUL that he loves me and treats me as a man should treat a woman with respect and not abusive. I am THANKFUL I can trust him. Without Todd, my life will have a huge void and raising my boys would be very difficult. I am not saying I could not raise them on my own, I am just THANKFUL that I have the support of my best friend, my husband, my soul mate. No matter how rough the day is, I know I have this wonderful man in my corner to lean on.

I am THANKFUL that I have 4 healthy children. I am truly blessed there. I have always felt this way but after my sister Katie having Miranda who was born with a birth defect and not know exactly what syndrome she still has. I see all the obstacles this baby and my sister has and continues to endure just reinforces how blessed and THANKFUL I truly am to have all 4 of my children healthy. I am THANKFUL that I have 4 good boys. They may not be perfect and test my parenting skills often at certain phases in their life but they are good boys over all. I am THANKFUL I have the relationship I do with them. Yes, at times it could be better but I do have a close relationship with each of them.

I am THANKFUL for having my Mother around still. I am so THANKFUL that she survived the accident on May 5, 2009. I can not put into words the terror I felt driving to Des Moines after listening to the voicemail one of my sisters left, she had been in an accident and it was bad. They had to perform CPR at the accident site. This was the only message left other then she was at Methodist Hospital. My mother may not be able to work any longer because she has short term memory problems and can not focus as she used to but I am THANKFUL she is alive and able to move about without a cane or wheel chair. She definitely has limitations on how much she can do, the accident has slowed her down, but she is here today with us still and that I am so THANKFUL for.

I am THANKFUL for rebuilding/refinding two of my cousins that I have missed in my life. My cousin Angel from my Father's side and my cousin Bruce from my Mother's side. I am THANKFUL that they have found a fitting companion and both by the end of the year possibly will be married to a wonderful person who treats them the way they deserve to be treated. Both have been lucky to find someone very much like Todd and accepting their child/children from their previous marriages. They too have been blessed the second time around.

I am THANKFUL for my cousin Bruce's wife Allison's web site Nummy Yummy in da Tummy website. (Her link is in My Blog List.) She has some great tips and hints on there and some recipes that I am just itching to try. She is in the beginning stages of her website and I look forward to her new entries.

I think I will end this Thankful Thursday here so I can include the many other things I am THANKFUL for in my next posting. However my final words on this blog will be a quote.

" A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life, to be thankful for a good one." Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. Oh how this quote fits my life.

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