Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am THANKFUL for my oldest friendship Rhonda. I feel privilege that she does not mind that I still call her Rhonda even after she has officially changed her name. Who would have known back in Kindergarten our friendship would have lasted all these years. I guess the Friends Forever would fit us perfectly.

I am THANKFUL for MySpace, I rarely check it any more because I use Facebook now. However, I am THANKFUL for MySpace. Aimee found me on MySpace and through her I found Jenny. I love keeping in touch with these women, they will never know how much they have helped me while I have struggled the past few years with some issues. I’m THANKFUL for Facebook as well, where I found (again through Aimee and Jenny) Carrie, Joanne, Tim, Dave, Kris, and Shelley. I also have found Kristin, Laurie, Kristi, and Kelly. I love how I can relate to these women (o.k. a couple are guys) even though we have had decades apart and we live miles away from one another. Some I know would come help me if I really needed in a heart beat if possible. Thank you for being you!

I am THANKFUL for my crush on Tim and Dave back when I was a sophomore in high school never developed more then a crush to myself because I am friends now with their wives who are probably laughing at reading this. Yes, ladies I had a school girl crush on your fellows at one time. They both made me laugh and I need laughter in my life back then. You both compliment them in so many ways; you are their Ying to your Yang. I think I said that right… you know Ying Yang perfect harmony.

I’m THANKFUL for finding De Anne. I have missed you friend, now through the Internet we have connected. I loved hearing how you have been searching for me for years as well.

I am THANKFUL for my Kresge Friends and the fact that the Internet brought us back together as well.

I guess I am THANKFUL for the Internet, without it I would have never been reacquainted with old friends, family, as well as finding my current husband.

I am THANKFUL that this time around I have wonderful in-laws. None of them hate me this time around and that makes a relationship between the husband and wife so much easier.

I am THANKFUL for the company I work for hiring Jessica. She is definitely young enough to be my daughter yet she is very wise in age. She was a breath of fresh air and exactly what I needed at work. A big thank you to my supervisors for sitting her next to me. I love how she pulls songs and sometimes they are odd songs from no where and sing to me, not caring if she is holding a tune or not. I love how she makes me laugh. (Do you see a pattern with me how important laughing is?)

I have been blessed with friends and value them tremendously. I am THANKFUL the bunch in Des Moines continues to invite me to their gatherings and understand when I can not make it. It is difficult when you have so many kids involved in different things; it makes it a little more difficult when I am the taxi cab driver because my husband is sleeping during the day to work the late night shift.

I am THANKFUL that my Father has been sober for a year now. He is also trying hard to prove he deserves another chance and that he means what he says this time. I am THANKFUL he is becoming a grandfather to my children once again.

My ending quote this week is:

In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. ~Albert Schweitzer


  1. Ok first of all Awwwwwwe you are so sweet and lord knows you helped me through Mom's transplant process all those months I spent in Iowa City.


    TIM and DAVE? THE Tim and Dave? I just laughed so hard I snorted. Who knew?

  2. What a wonderful list of "thanks". I need to do one of these. Beautiful.

    As is your layout. I love it! Happy Thursday!

  3. I am thankful for knowing an incredible woman named Jolene. She was beautiful when I first met her back in the day and even more beautiful today. She is an amazing woman, wife, mother and friend. I would drop everything in my world for her because I know she would do the same. That was proven when our friend's mother was in the hospital and she made her an amazing home cooked dinner. She joined out disfuctional group of friends by driving a distance just for an evening. She continues to give amazing supportive words while my family has gone through hell over the last several months. She had dealt with her own family problems and always had a good word to say and rarely a bad. I am proud to know this amazing person and hope that we continue to have that friendship for many years to come. When she calls me her friend I wear that proudly. I am thankful for my friend Jolene.

  4. :D I see you dancing over there! :D

  5. Thank you Jenny! What a beautiful thing to say.

    :D Yes see me.


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