Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Dishes Trial Run Take One

We go to my Mother-In-Law's every Thanksgiving, well everyone but one so far. It's only a 45 minute drive but there is not enough room in her oven for anything she ask for me to bring. The past years she wants me to bring the green bean casserole and scalloped corn, yet it is always cold by the time we have dinner. Todd likes to arrive a little early in order to visit and to assist where needed. O.K. , it is to visit and for me to assist. Last year I thought it would be a great idea to bring my dishes in a crock pot, this way they can stay warm. The green bean casserole was great but my scalloped corn was not cooked enough.

A dear friend of mine blogged about how she does trial runs of new recipes for her Thanksgiving and I thought to myself..."This woman is a genius! Why did not I ever think of that?" This past weekend I cooked a dinner and included both crock pot recipes. To my utter disappointment, I could not find the recipes I used last year, so I searched and searched to one that I thought was it. My green bean casserole was not a hit at all and will have to have another take. The recipe I followed must have been wrong it stated that it would take 6-8 hours. I thought that was awfully long and I did not remember it taking that long last year. The casserole was scorched within 3 hours. I skimmed the top layer off and added cheese in hopes to save the dish. Trust me even the cheese could not salvage it. The scalloped corn on the other hand turned out great. 2 1/2 hours is perfect. I wish I had another opportunity to make the scalloped corn. I would do a true trial run with 45 minutes of being unplugged just like it will be on Thanksgiving.


  1. Let me know if you nail down the green bean casserole...always looking for things to throw in a crockpot here. Cooking for 16-20 as usual and that requires neighbors ovens! :)

  2. Ok just realized you have word verification.....I post on something you write every day...if they aren't showing up, that's why! When I hit enter the word verification shows up below what I can see - never noticed it before!

  3. Thanks my genius friend. :) I will have to check on the word verification thingy. You have that as well on your page. Oh and btw one of the blogs I follow is so you today.


    I will send this to you on FB as well just in case you do not check my response back to you.

    I will let you know on Friday how the next recipe turns out. I think I found the one I used last year. Friday will be the trial run for it.


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