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Tuesday Tip 1

This morning while I was putting on my deodorant. (Yes, my mind is constantly running.) I noticed an expiration date. Seriously deodorant has an expiration? It made me start to think about other things I use or may not use that have an expiration date or life expectancy. Hey A Girl has to learn some time right? I have come to the conclusion that I am going to blog some tips every now and then. They may not be prize awarding tips, but tips I have come across and use or plan to put into action. Who knows maybe some of you out there do not know this and maybe you do. If you chose, you could post more helpful tips on the subject as well in the comments. All comments are welcome.

Health and Beauty Tips

Now if you truly know me, I am not one into well let us just say take care of myself. I am trying hard to work on this because I deserve the attention too, it goes back to that lack of self worth and esteem. I truly am trying to work on it. With this knowledge it may seem sort of odd for me to post this blog but I am going to provide the tips I do know as of today. In the future I think I may ask my step-daughter to write something as a guest post. I am sure she has a lot more knowledge then I or will experience more in years to come since she is a licensed esthetics now.

One rule of thumb I have been taught by my mother is: If you have not used the make up product in 6 months then get rid of it. Mostly likely you are not going to use it if it is just sitting in your drawer, on your counter, or in your make-up bag. This is a great way to help you weed out the eyeliners, eye shadows, lip gloss, and nail polish. My mother would also write the date she purchased a product on the label. I never understood why nor asked until recently, this way she would know when to throw it out, that makes sense and I will be applying this tip with future purchases. I personally have to laugh at some of the time frames I found because my products definitely do not last that long on some of these items. I find that I use them.

Blush and Bronzer (powdered) - Most blushes and bronzers will no longer be good after two years so you should discard it then.

Blush and Bronzer (cream) – Pigments and Preservatives found in cream blushes are good for up to 12-18 months after this time frame you should toss them out.

Concealer – You should be disposing your concealer after one year.

Eyeliner (liquid) – Dispose after 3-6 months.

Eyeliner (pencil) – Good up to three years if you regularly sharpen the eyeliner pencil.

Eye shadow (powder) – Keep for only 2 years unless the powder is starting to separate easily or is gloppy. If so then it is time to get rid of it.

Eye shadow (cream) – Can be good up to 18 month or if the cream no longer goes on your eyelids smoothly your cream has gone bad and you should toss it out.

Foundation (water-based) - After 1 year discard the bottle.

Foundation (oil-based) – Keep for up to 18 months then discard.

Lip gloss – Can last 18-24 months.

Lipstick – Will last 1-2 years. If it smells funny or does not glide on your lips smoothly, throw it away. ***HINT*** My mother stored her lipstick in the refrigerator to make it last longer. Lipstick can harbor a lot of bacteria and germs because of the way it is applied if you have been sick and you can not get rid of whatever it is that you have, you should discard your lipstick as you would your toothbrush.

Lip Liner –After 2 years you should throw this away.

Make-up Brushes – Wash at least every month to extend the brush’s life. You could use brush shampoo follow instructions on the package. You could also use baby shampoo as well, wet the brush down add a drop of baby shampoo and work into the brush, rinse with warm water. You should clean your make up brush monthly to remove make-up residue.

Make-up Sponges – Due to the material, make-up sponges should be tossed out after 1 month. Wash your sponges every week and air dry to rid any bacteria and dirt.

Mascara – Keep for 3 months the maximum. When using the mascara, do not pump it up and down – by doing this you will let a lot of air in the mascara tube and this can cause germs and bacteria will to accumulate. Never share your mascara with anyone. It is easy to pass germs and contract a case of pink eye or other eye infections. This is just disgusting! This is also a pet peeve of mine.

Nail Polish – Keep for 1 year. Nail polish should never look like sludge or go on like cement.
Powder – Keep for 2 years. Sometimes, when powder goes bad, it smells funny and it’s difficult for you to apply it easily.


Anti-Aging Tips

Morning Routine

1. Wash your face. Wash with a non-soap cleanser and warm water to remove dirt and oil.

2. Treat your eyes. We all know the skin here tends to be thinner, drier and more sensitive than any other area on your face, so gently pat a pea-size amount of cream on the under eye area with your ring finger, which applies the least pressure. Start below the inner corners of eyes and move out toward your temples. Pick the formula that will attack your trouble spots.

If you have puffy eyes: As you age, circulation slows and eye ligaments weaken, pushing fat forward. Apply a cream with aloe Vera to soothe swelling or caffeine to boost circulation.

If you have dark circles: Heredity is the main culprit for raccoon eyes, caused by pooled blood in blood vessels, however lack of sleep can add as well. To promote circulation, use cream with caffeine or grape seed extract. I use a brand at this time I can not remember. I will come back and edit and add. I found you want to use just a small amount again pea-size if you use any more it then highlights the lines under your eye.

If you have crow’s feet: Time is not our friend here, collagen breaks down and causes wrinkles. Choose a cream with amino acids, which trigger collagen production.

If you have crepey skin (bags): When the skin loses collagen it also becomes less elastic and sags. Apply an eye cream with hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and jump start collagen production.

3. Moisturize. Each time we wash our face we are losing moisture and if we do not apply something to replace the moisture our skin will become dehydrated. Apply a dime-size amount of the formula for your skin type to each cheek and massage it into your face, neck and chest. If your lotion does not have SPF, follow up with sunscreen.

If you have dry skin: A change in hormones or the weather, or using alcohol based cleansers or bar soap can cause the skin to be dry. Try a cream with humectants, like glycerin, which attracts moisture to skin.

If you have uneven skin tone: You could be suffering from a loss of collagen or too much sun. Apply a cream with peptides, which firm up elasticity, and soy or licorice extract, which lighten dark spots.

If you have combination skin: An oily T-zone (dry on cheeks; oily on forehead, nose and chin) is probably due to hormones or genetics. Yes, you do not have to be a teenager only to have combination skin. Look for a lightweight moisturizer that has dimethicone, a hydrating skin conditioner, and soothing green tea.

Night Routine

1. Wash and exfoliate. As you do in the morning, wash with a gentle cleanser. Once a week, switch to an exfoliating cleanser that goes deep, removing dead skin cells.

2. Treat your eyes. Apply the same eye cream you used in the morning.

3. Pump on serum. Use when you have a specific problem and nothing else seems to be working. Serums generally will have a higher concentration of active ingredients and seep deeper than moisturizer into your skin. Pump a pea-size amount onto the back of your hand and use your ring finger to gently massage it into trouble spots.

If you have age spots: Apply a serum with kojic acid, which is found in (of all places) mushrooms. It blocks the skin’s tyrosinase enzyme, which creates melanin, the pigment that determines how light or dark skin can get.

If you have dull skin: Apply a serum with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), fruit acids that gently exfoliate skin to reveal fresh, younger cells and Antioxidant-rich serum.

If you have wrinkles: Pollution and UV radiation can speed aging. Neutralize their effects and prevent further damage with a vitamin C–infused formula.

4. Moisturize. Night creams are enriched with vitamins and antioxidants to help repair damage. Apply a dime-size amount to each cheek and massage into your entire face, neck and chest. Night cream you do not have to worry about UV exposure.

If you have dry skin: Look for a moisturizer Shea Butter. Shea Butter is rich in fatty acids and helps skin retain moisture and elasticity.

If you have uneven skin tone: Look for a moisturizer with anti-pigment peptides.

If you have combination skin: The moisturizer you need to look for should have hydrating moisturizer with nutrients like Vitamin E.

Any products listed within this blog are not due to any payment from the company. It is not in any way a commercial just my own opinion entirely. Same disclaimer will be for any products listed in the comments of this blog as well. I am by no means an expert, everything posted is from research that I have done as well as tips from my mother.

Healthy Communications web site
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  1. "pumping" mascara is one of my biggest pet peaves! The air that goes in dries it out.

    Most women need to exfoliate (a cheap wash cloth works well too) every day (gently is the key here). Those washes with apricot hulls are bad bad bad!

    Serum is a ROCK STAR! I love the Oil of Olay version! And their eye roller? TO DIE FOR!

    Good tips Jolene!


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