Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Woo Hoo

Today I really need to post this Woo Hoo because I need to change my attitude. After posting my Monday Moans, thinking I have been having a great week I do not have much to moan about crap hit the fan later that night. **SIGH** The mood is just lingering at home as well.

So here is my attempt

Woo Hoo for my husband. I do not envy him when it comes to issues with his daughters but Woo Hoo because he deserves it. It is not easy confronting issues at time especially when one behaves as one does. Woo Hoo for him standing behind me when I have issues with any of the children, his or/and mine.

Woo Hoo for game night with Ethan and Joshua, even though I irritated Joshua with the way I played the game. I enjoyed doing this with them that is not related to computer games.

Woo Hoo today is a short day at work. I just want to go home and sleep but Woo Hoo I will be baking with my husband. No seriously, Woo Hoo that it is a team effort and not a single person’s responsibility.

Woo Hoo Matthew is home for the week.

Woo Hoo I have a job, although I would love more pay because the expenses just keep coming in. It’s funny how they all are due about the same time as well.

Woo Hoo for Thanksgiving trial runs. I found my recipe for the crock pot that I will be making tomorrow to take to my in-laws house. I would love to say I’m excited for Thanksgiving but I think it is going to be a drama filled one and personally, I would love a low key and just enjoy those I am with. I wish one individual would think about how they approach others when given or receiving information. The timing is what matters as well as body presentation and tone.

Woo Hoo, my Monday Moan about the company holding on to child support was not the case this last payment. I was very surprised that the day after I posted my Monday Moan, the child support recovery account had the child support posted. It’s in my banking account now. That is a big Woo Hoo.

Woo Hoo I fit into a smaller size of jeans! What a feeling that was Friday when they zipped up.

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