Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday Woo Hoo

Woo Hoo for Black Friday! I know I could not get some of the gifts I wanted without Black Friday this year. Next year I will plan better since I now know we will not have over time.

Woo Hoo for 4 days off. It is so nice to have some time off where I could lounge if I wished. I definitely wished on some days when I was so tired from shopping.

Woo Hoo for our phones being busy at work. It makes the day go so much faster when you are actually working.

Woo Hoo for my batch of peanut brittle turning out. I have been using a microwave recipe and prior to moving to Iowa City my peanut brittle always turned out decent, however once here I have not been able to get it to turn out just right (same with the fudge), I am not sure if it is the microwave itself. I know that the temperatures can vary that is the only thing I can think of why. Any way Woo Hoo for getting a candy thermometer so I can make my candies the old fashion way. I must say the peanut brittle turned out perfect this way.

Woo Hoo for a loving husband. Woo Hoo for enjoying time with the boys. I was able to play a game with all of them this past week.

Woo Hoo for Miranda being able to sit up on her own before she reached the age of 2 years. Hopefully she will continue to have success.

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