Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Woo Hoos

My first WOO HOO is the loudest and boldest Woo Hoo I can scream is for last Friday's "Date Night". It was such a wonderful evening with my wonderful husband. Woo Hoo for Todd too. He planned to take me out to a nice dinner as well. We ended up having a dinner at the Brown Bottle. This is a very nice Italian restaurant that we went to the night Todd proposed to me. Woo Hoo for dinner. After dinner we went to Eagle's where the dance was held. We arrived 30 minutes after the dance started but we closed the floor down. We danced and danced and danced that evening. We danced The Rumba, The Fox Trot, The Waltz, The Slow Dance, and The Swing. We put our new steps into action that we learned from our classes. This I would have to say was our best dance. What I mean is we danced better at this dance. It was such a wonderful evening that Todd just did not want to come home, unfortunately we did not have any where else to go.

Woo Hoo for that evening, it was exactly what I needed to become refocused. I found my Zen once again and I am able to handle life once again.

Woo Hoo for Matthew going to school at the University of Iowa now. I see him so much more and enjoy his visits. Woo Hoo for the opportunity to listen to the boys laugh and play still.

Woo Hoo work has picked up. I feel like I am actually in a Call Center once again.

Woo Hoo for Spark People. This site is very supportive for me to lose the weight I need to. I have lost 28 lbs since re-joining in March. It's just a pin point of what I need to lose but it is a start in the right direction. I belong to a few groups that have challenges, with one group (2 months) I ended up losing 17 lbs. I believe this is one of the missing links I needed to lose weight.

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