Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Woo Hoos

Last week when I went to post my first Thankful Thursday, I had to think about it. I already post Wednesday Woo Hoos, is a Thankful Thursday actually necessary? After pondering this for a little bit, I thought if I just keep it to the month of November that will only are 4 posts. It would also go with November – Thanksgiving, so I went ahead and did this. Later I read another friend’s post and she mentioned (well in a nut shell) a very good point people should be thankful all year long why just announce it just in the month of November. **Remember, I’m a people pleaser.** Wow, she is so right! I started to feel guilty and thought maybe I should reconsider posting it for November only but make it an addition either weekly or monthly. After a couple of days pondering this off and on, it hit me again my original thought, I already post Wednesday Woo Hoos, so I do post this at least monthly, so I think I will just modify the Wednesday Woo Hoos during the month of November and keep my Thankful Thursday.

**BTW- I absolutely love this friend who blogged that being thankful should not be kept to the month of November, you should let it be known that you are thankful all year. She has been a friend of mine for nearly my entire life (all but the first 5 ½ years of my life.) She made it clear in her blog that she did not mean it personal to those who are posting this type of blogs during November as well. I just had to put that out there because I did not want anyone to think ill of this person because I definitely do not. Now on to the Woo Hoos.

First WOO HOO this week and it is a very loud WOO HOO shout it from the roof top WOO HOO, Joshua actually having a job. I have been battling this child for two years to get a job. This summer he told me he did not see any need to work, that this is his senior year in high school he should be enjoying it. Alright I agree to some extent, but if he worked he would have money to go out and enjoy it more as well as saving for things he needs. I never had any doubt what type of worker he would be. I know he will be a good worker because he does a super job when he assists around the house. I also heard good things about his work ethic from his employer when he worked during the State Fair. I am just thrilled he is making his own money now and starting to build a work history.

WOO HOO, I am going to get a new camera for my birthday. Nothing is really wrong with my current camera, I just wanted a new one that will has higher zooming ability and higher DPI resolution as well as image stabilization since I tend to take more blurry pictures when my camera is not in sports mode (action mode). I am so thrilled we found one within the range we wanted. I can not wait to actually use the camera.

WOO HOO, Todd thinks it is time to look into replacing the burners that do not work properly on the stove. I hope that is all we need and not a new stove. It is frustrating to turn on a burner and have it not work, what is worse is cooking and all of a sudden it does not work. Of course they are both my larger burner as well, with the amount of food I have to cook for everyone in our house, the two larger burners are what I use the most. I cook for 7-8 people.

WOO HOO for Aimee being such the smart woman she is. Trial run for new procedures/recipes for Thanksgiving, saved my green bean casserole. Friday I plan to try it again and with the 45 minute delay. If it turns out Aimee I will definitely let you know.

WOO HOO the phones are busy this week. It is such a better feeling going to work and actually working. It makes my day go faster. It is odd that yesterday and Friday we will have television stations here. Our big chief here will be discussing how we are going to be creating a lot of new jobs after the first of the year for the Iowa City area. I think it is odd that they are not mentioning how many they are letting go since October by getting rid of two of our products. I am just hoping this new addition is enough to keep my department in tact and lose no one.

WOO HOO organization at home has begun. One of my pet peeves I did not list on my Monday Moan is unorganized and dirty windows. My home is so unorganized right now. I thought it was bad enough from when I still had boxes that were not taken care of from merging the two homes together. I have been working on this slowly but it is rather difficult because I have not re-decorated the house with my touches yet, therefore some of my knick knacks that are me are still in boxes. Re-decorating will be beginning soon, however some of the boxes in the shed will not be touched until it is a little warmer since we have no heat in the shed. The house over the past two years has become stuffed to the gills with boxes and storage. I have a few still as stated then 2 ½ years ago Kera moved back and we have her things, then Emily moved back a year ago next month, and in August Matthew’s belongings came to our home since he was moving from an apartment to a dorm. We have so many boxes and furniture stored in closets, garage, and the shed. I need organization! It is a must for my mental state. I am taking small steps here so I do not rattle the natives too much. Peace is good as well as organization.

WOO HOO we found carrots in our garden this past week. It was such a wonderful surprise and the baby carrots are very big for baby carrots. WOO HOO.

WOO HOO for my four day work week this week. Friday is going to be full of honey to do list for me. I just might get some inside painting started. WOO HOO!

WOO HOO for stats on here. Have you ever viewed them? I was so happy to see I have people reading my blogs from all around the world. Welcome readers! I enjoy knowing I am not alone.

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  1. Your WOO HOO about your stuff reminded me of _The Incredibles_. I love this interchange.
    Helen: I'm calling to celebrate a momentous occasion. We are now *officially* moved in.
    Bob: That's great, honey. And the last three years don't count because...
    Helen: Because I finally unpacked the last box. Now it's official! Ha ha ha! Why do we have so much junk?

    You should use this when you unpack the last box and are "officially" moved in. :)


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