Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Words From Me While On My Soap Box

I would not state that I am a very political person, however this election I found I have some very strong opinions and I have to say after last night’s elections I am rather disappointed with stating that I am an Iowan in many ways. Last year sometime our state chose to acknowledge and make same sex marriages legal.

***Side Table*** On a personal note, I do not have a problem for this. Same sex marriages are not hurting anyone. It is that couple’s business not anyone else. I know this can be a religious issue but I do not plan to tackle this***

This November’s election was for our state governor office, 3 state supreme judges, changing the constitution wording to match the federal constitution, as well as a hot issue in Iowa City regarding keeping 21 year old only in the bar after 10 pm.

Issue 1: The governor. Current governor is Culver. Truthfully, he has not done anything bad for the state of Iowa. He has created jobs with IJobs. His biggest problem was that he is governor during hardship that our Nation is enduring due to the recession. He also cut state employees’ pay and we as a state had a surplus fiscal year. Some people feel that it was wrong for him to cut the state employee wages since we had such a large surplus. I am not sure if that is entirely wrong, I have not seen any publications on how much money the state saved by these cut backs. I know it was somewhat hard for those how had to experience the pay loss. Unfortunately Governor Culver lost the election to former Governor Brandstad. How disappointing it is that this man has been elected in office once again. He served 16 years as the Governor of Iowa and the man flipped all over on issues. He never took a stand on anything on bit. He was very good at raising taxes. Why did our state re-elect him is beyond my thinking. I am proud to say that the county I live in Culver did win.

Issue 2: 3 State Supreme Judges. I am so disgusted they were voted out. This scares me to no end. The people did this because of the new law passing regarding same sex marriages. The people are trying to make it where all the State Supreme Judges that passed this law are no longer hold the position so the law can be removed. This reason is why we had a vote on the constitutional wording as well. How very disappointing that Iowa is so narrow minded. The judges was a close vote but the ‘No’ won. Thankfully the changing the constitutional wording did not pass.

Issue 3: The drinking age is 21 years and older in the state of Iowa. Iowa City for some reason continued to allow 19 and 20 year old in the bars after 10 pm. It is the only city in Iowa that allows this. Two years ago the city tried to change this ruling and make it 21 and older only. I was so surprised two years ago it did not pass. This past summer the city government passed the new law beginning June that you had to be 21 and older to be in the bars after 10 pm. The out roar of people surprised me. The University of Iowa is ranked in the top 5 for most party universities in the Nation. This to me is not a good ranking. With my husband, Todd working as dispatcher, I have heard and read about how much more violence is down town during the school year when the college kids are in town. I was shocked to hear so many people complaining how the bars are losing money down town and we are hurting the community by doing this. I’m sorry; the fact that they are losing money says something. Hmmm…it does not take a rocket scientist. Obviously they are counting on sales of liquor to minors. The people who have a problem feel that it is better to have them drink illegal in public then house parties. Statistics show since June, there are no more house parties then years past. Yes, they did have one very large house party, but the number of house parties has not increased. Violence downtown has decreased. The number of vehicles pulled over for drunk driving has decreased. Sexual assault in the downtown area has decreased. Seriously people, what are you thinking of when you feel they should be back in the bars? Alright, I agree if they can fight for their country, they should be able to allow to drink, BUT the age limit is not the problem we are facing. If that is your true reasoning why you feel they should be in the bar, then go after lowering the drinking age. Why should we continue to make excuses to allow people to continuous break the law? Yeah, yeah, I was young once and you are always going to have those students that have fake ids, but then it is the individual that is breaking the law, not the community. Last night this issue was brought to our city to vote on removing the new law.

***Side note*** This is a very touchy issue with my 17 year old and I. We both stand on the opposite sides of the fence on this. ***

I was very surprised but thrilled that the new law in place this past summer will stand as is. The community did the right thing and voted with the side of the law and not the students. It is their community for 4-5 years, but it is ours for much longer.

You will not see many blogs about political issues as I stated earlier. I’m not very active in the political world. I have no desire to be active. I just want to live in a place where I feel we are looking out for one another and doing the best for all of us.

***stepping down from my soap box now***

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