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2010 Year In Review

My Year in Review...


January 15th Todd and I celebrated the beginning of 6 years of our relationship. We picked up paint to paint the living room...the paint is still sitting next to the entertainment center unopened. Our living room is still plain white. I want colors on the wall in the worse way, nothing drastic but warmer then white. We thought we were going to be able to sign up for dance lessons again but the week prior to starting my knee acted up. Seriously, I thought I was going to have to go buy a cane to walk with, it was horrible. January we also realized we would not have much of a vacation this year, the new furnace we had to put in Thanksgiving weekend and knowing we had to replace the central air unit during the summer. The unexpected money for Emily kept Todd from going to the Orange Bowl as he wanted to cheer on the Iowa Hawkeyes.


Other then my favorite holiday...Valentine's Day, February was a very low key and quiet month for us. Valentine's Day, Todd rented a room in a hotel near us. The hotel is a castle and it had the medieval theme through out. IT was very nice get away. We try to get away from town, just the two of us once every 3 months. Sometimes it can be challenging for us, we work opposite hours and let's face it blended families are hard and with 6 children between us ages ranging at that time from 10 years to 22 years we need some alone time. Let me re-word this...challenging to have quality time.

March/April ~

Another let down, we were unable to go to St Louis to the NCAA Wrestling Championship as we planned. Emily did not pay any of the money back so that put things tight, well that and a new furnace. We started working on the beginnings of our garden, seeds and planning. I started our blog Our Slice of Heaven- Our Garden Log. I was enjoying all the planning for the new flower beds around the shed. It was always Todd's dream to have flowers around the shed. He had planted some hostas on 3 sides of the shed, however 2 sides had way too much sunlight that they did not thrive any. I had planted a nice variety of flowers in the front about 2 years prior. I also made plans to begin updating the landscaping in the front of the house as well as plans for two other flower gardens in the back. Todd was trying to make up his mind if the garden would be enlarged one more time or not. (We ended up keeping the same size and the other two flower gardens never started.) Todd and I also went to Chicago for the weekend and ended up bringing home some tulip bulbs as well to plant in our front yard.

May ~

My older two had birthdays, Matthew became 20 and Joshua 17. It is so hard to believe Matthew is now out of his teens. He also made up his mind that he would be transferring to the University of Iowa and live in a dorm here in Iowa City. I was thrilled since that means I would see him more. May is also when I started this blog. I have another that I have not posted anything in a long while. I think I should actually close it if that is possible. May the planting season outside started as well as the update to the front landscaping. This is also the month my youngest actually did what kids were suppose to do...go outside and play. He made friends and he still goes out and plays with them or in their houses if it is too cold.

June ~

June had so many emotions. Our gardens were giving us so much hope, beginnings were great. Joshua had a part in the high school's spring musical The Wizard of Oz. We all enjoyed it. I realized I had two of the stages I do not care being a parent in a child's life at the same time. To me the age 13 is the worse with a child and Ethan was 13 and a child that is a senior ranked right up there as a difficult age.. Joshua started his senior attitude a little early. June was very challenging between the two of them. In June I also had some medical issues that needed to be addressed. I had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and an upper intestinal follow through. I ended up with two biopsies of questionable areas, that turned out to be nothing thank the Lord. This experience gave me material for my first and I think still my best Monday Moans. We had a little Welcome Summer party for Noah and his friends and went on our first weekend vacation trip as a family to the Wisconsin Dells. June was a hot month and without any central air it was a long and miserable month. it is also the month I made a big step for me. I actually bought shorts and wore them outside my own yard.

July ~

This is the month we started seeing some vegetables from our garden but it was also the month we realized our garden was in trouble this year. Way too much rain. Sadly this was the turning point for our garden and it just went down hill. It was so disappointing. The first week in July we ended up getting our new central air unit. We had been experiencing a rather warm and wet summer and the new unit came just in time, we had just started a stretch where with the heat index the temperatures outside were over 100 degrees for several days. July, Todd and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary. We ended up going to Chicago for two days. Chicago is one of our favorite cities.


School started again, this year I have Matthew in his 3rd year of college, Joshua his Senior year in high school, Ethan is in 8th, his last year in middle school, and Noah is in 5th grade, one more year of elementary for him. August we picked beans and canned a few tomatoes only to not do it right and we ended up with nothing. We gave up on the garden and did not even go out to weed it at all. It was so disappointing. August was my 25th high school reunion that I did not attend. This is also what put me in the frame of mind, that I need to have a job that is at a college degree level, since I did go to college. The desire was never so strong until then. I went to Des Moines all by myself to have an evening with friends from high school. I had a great time. I wished Todd was able to made it to meet everyone, maybe next time.


September we started back to dance classes. I was walking on cloud nine, enjoying something I had missed so much. We also lost Libby in September, a very dark day for us. My step daughter Kera had a birthday her 23rd one. Kera graduated from La James and she passed her boards to be a licensed Esthetician.

October ~

October the boys and I went to visit my Mom in Des Moines. We were able to go downtown and see some changes that have been made since we moved to Iowa City. October is also the month I found out my youngest had a girlfriend and was sneaking around and kissing her in the field in our back yard. October is Halloween, Todd's favorite holiday. Where I work we have a pumpkin carving contest, this year was my first year to participate and my department took 1st place. It was an awesome feeling. On Halloween we also learned that Kera was going to have a baby and we would be grandparents sometime in July.


November we celebrate 3 birthdays in our house. Ethan's first, he turned 14 this year, then it is Noah's who turned 11. Emily's is one day after Noah's and she turned 20. November nothing big happened. Todd and I both started to fight some blues big time. Things seems so challenging right now with 5 of the 6 children living at home. Matthew is the only one not living with us at this point. Joshua did get a job though. This was a good thing because I have been after him for 2 years to get a job.


December was not a good month for us, well Todd and I. We both were not in the mood for Christmas, it took everything in me to decorate this year. A couple of weeks before Christmas Connie fell, Todd's Mom. She was released from the hospital on Christmas Eve. Decorations will stay up until January 15th after we celebrate with Todd's side of the family. That's it for December.

That wraps up 2010 in a nutshell. I am very much looking forward to 2011 and hope it will be a better year. I know we have at least two big things in store for 2011...Joshua graduating and a new addition to our family, a grandchild. I also hope for a bountiful garden this year, no sudden or life threatening situations for either of our mothers, since this has been two years in a row for us. I wish for less stress and more peace.

I also wish you all a ~~~*~~~HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~*~~~!!!!


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